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Five on Friday

Finally, Friday!

It’s been a weird and dreary week and I’m just really glad it’s Friday. School was canceled one day this week due to heavy rain and wind gusts, and we had a delayed start to school the following day. Mabel has had a big week with her first hair cut and she got spayed. I’ve personally just been in a weird funk and I’m really looking forward to a nice weekend at home, watching the kids play in 3 basketball games, and hopefully catch up on some things (ahem, take down all the exterior Christmas decor and tackle 2 weeks of laundry)!

I want to take a sec to say THANK YOU to everyone who shared such kind words in my Instagram poll yesterday and left feedback in my Annual Reader Survey. I truly revisit that post year-round to find new content ideas. Oh, and I am deeply sorry for the continued issue with my header not disappearing when you scroll. This has been an absolute nightmare to fix and I am beyond frustrated with it. I promise I am working on this behind the scenes with my developer. We keep thinking it’s fixed, and then it’s not. Ergh.

In more fun news, here were your top 5 favorite items this week!

  1. Magnesium Glycinate Gummies: We’ve recently been giving our kids these magnesium gummies in the evenings to calm them down a bit before bedtime and they have also been sleeping better!
  2. Moisturizing Fuzzy Sleep Socks (see #3 below)!
  3. Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder: The powder I’ve been using in my Sleepy Girl Mocktail!
  4. The Game: I love how much you all are loving this game too!!! I am absolutely HOOKED on this game! You can play with 1-5 players so it’s my go-to game when Matt isn’t up for playing something (I can play games all day every day). The average playtime is 15’ish minutes and while it’s easy to learn it’s challenging to win!
  5. Daily Planner Pad — start your year off with a fresh daily planner pad! I love this 6×9 pad because it breaks out to do lists into different sections including work and personal, features a timed daily schedule, and a top 3 priority tracker!

1. Dinners This Week

We had some really great meals this week! Our favorite (and easiest) meal was the pork carnitas Butcher Box (referral link)! This was the first time I’ve ordered this meat cut and it will definitely be a staple in my boxes for awhile.

2. Wonka

Last weekend Matt and I took the kids to see Wonka and everyone really liked it. I personally thought the storyline was super cute too.

3. Moisturizing Fuzzy Sleep Socks

One of my favorite stocking stuffers from Matt, these moisturizing sleep socks are AWESOME. My feet get SO dry during the winter months and not only do these work, they are super cozy too! The inner gel lining contains Vitamin E, Olive oil, and jojoba seed oil to hydrate cracked heels. And the breathable toeless design allows me to sleep in them without getting hot. The pack comes with 2 pairs. The down side? These require a hand wash and air drying.

4. Sunday’s OOTD

For those of you requesting non-Amazon, higher end outfits from my IG poll, this is a new favorite of mine!

Matt surprised me with this cute outfit a few weeks ago (to celebrate a big work accomplishment) and I finally got to wear it to church last weekend! He purchased the sweater and skirt from Chosen Boutique locally (my favorite boutique, and his favorite place to shop for me!), but you can also find both pieces online: SKIRT + FRINGE TRIM SWEATER. I absolutely love this combo and was super impressed when I unwrapped the box!

5. Easy & Delicious Breakfast: Berries & Cream English Muffins 

I’ve been making berries & cream English muffins breakfast for the kids and they LOVE it. Just slice an English muffin in half, spread Greek yogurt, top with berries, and drizzle with honey! So simple and so delicious!

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Toni :0)

Friday 12th of January 2024

I forgot to add that I love these posts too on your Reader survey! Have a great weekend!!! 😍😍😍