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Five on Friday

Happy Friday and happy Mother’s Day weekend!

It’s been a big, full, happy week that has felt like a whirlwind of goodness. We’ve been busy celebrating birthdays, both kids had field trips, Matt and I had our annual golf tournament day date yesterday, and I’m heading down to the Florida today to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my longtime bestie at the beach! (Shout out to Matt for handling swim team practice, two games tomorrow at the same time in opposite directions, softball picture day, and more while I’m gone!)

The happiest flowers still going strong from the party!

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This Week’s Top 5 Reader Favorites

  1. Colorful Ribbed Plastic Glasses: Second week in a row at #1!! We have been using these pretty ribbed glasses from Target a lot lately for all our outdoor sipping this summer. I love the colorful rims (each family member has already called dibs on his/her color for dinners al fresco) and a 4-pack of glasses is only $10!
  2. Hugger Bike Shorts: One of my favorite pairs of high waisted bike shorts is now on super sale — 60% off, making them $16 right now! I love the 5″ inseam, interior back pocket, and the stretchy “hugger” fabric which gives the right amount of support. And they come in 6 fun colors.
  3. Acrylic Bird Feeder: The #1 favorite gift from my Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Y’all know how much joy this bird feeder has brought me. We have red bird visits several times a day right outside our kitchen window. This is such a wonderful gift and it arrives in a DAY if you need it before Sunday!
  4. Baggy Stand: The ridiculous but extremely useful kitchen tool that has saved me many times from spilling marinades all over my counter top. The arms are flexible so I also use this to hold my bag around my cheese grater when I’m shredding my cheese!
  5. Acrylic Goblet Wine Glass Set: The #2 favorite gift from my Mother’s Day Gift Guide! I have these in teal and absolutely love them. This durable acrylic set of 4 glasses is perfect for outdoor entertaining. They are also dishwasher safe! Available in 7 colors.

1. Community Group

Last week we wrapped up our spring semester of Community Group at Stephanie’s house. We always break for summer since schedules are so wild, and it was the most lovely night and chatting about life and eating tacos!

2. Easy Lunch Box Idea

We are nearing the end of the school year, and if you’re like me, you’re probably tired of packing lunches and burnt out on what to pack that your kids will actually eat. If you’re looking for a new lunch box idea, I wanted to share this mini chopped Caesar salad kit from Walmart. It’s the perfect size, only $2 a bag, and my kids ask for it week after week!

3. Strawberry Picking Field Trip

This week I got to be a chaperone for Thomas’s class field trip to the strawberry farm! It was so fun picking strawberries in the field and bringing them home to eat! It makes me so happy that Thomas LOVES when I come on his field trips. And this one was a really fun one too.

4. Outdoor Patio Finds

If you’re refreshing your patio for porch season, I wanted to share some finds from Kohl’s! One of my friends told me to check out the outdoor section at Kohl’s and the prices are just SO good! And everything is on sale too.


I want to call out the outdoor RUG which is super affordable and comes in lots of sizes and colors — including HOT PINK!!! And I also love the rocking chair which comes in 4 colors and the 10 ft patio umbrella which is adjustable and has a vent canopy (available in 5 colors).

5. Sprinkles is 4!

If you’re new, Sprinkles became part of our family in May of 2020 (yep, pandemic pet) when we surprised the kids with her at the end of a scavenger hunt — but it truly feels like she’s been part of our family forever!!!

She is the best little guinea pig and is always the happiest to see Caroline, patient with Thomas, and puts up with Mabel. HBD, Sprinkles! We love you!

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