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Garage Drop Zone

Welcome to our home. If you follow the trail of sand-filled shoes they will lead you to our kitchen pantry — our kids’ first stop when they arrive home from school. Be careful though because you may trip over the swim lessons bag, the music class bag, jackets, sweatshirts and multiple backpacks along the way.

Day after day Matt and I would sweep up this trail and pile all of the items into a chair in the dining room. It wasn’t an ideal “drop zone” but there isn’t really a better place inside our home for all of these things. And then one day it hit me — what if I could store all of these items neatly OUTSIDE our home…in the garage!? After lots of Pinterest scrolling I finally had a vision of where and how I could make my drop zone dreams come true… 

Garage Makeover - Before

Our first call was to our handyman, Hector. Although he is no longer doing handyman work full time (sorry, Charlotte friends!), he agreed to take on our project over the course of a few weekends.

The final product was exactly how I had pictured it. Actually, no, it was better than I had pictured (you can find my Pinterest inspiration here)!

Although many readers cautioned me against painting our door a light color, I was determined to use one of our leftover cans of Sea Salt or White Dogwood paint to give the door a little pop of color. After lots of back and forth, we went with Sea Salt! And then stained the steps a darker color. 

After the construction was complete, we partnered with CW Home to get us organized! Caroline and Whitney actually organized our entire garage (post coming soon) and did an incredible job completing our drop zone too. They took all of the measurements and provided us with options at various price points for storage baskets, rugs, hooks and bench cushions. 

And then they did the install one day while we were at work and it was the BEST surprise to come home too! They were truly excellent to work with and we are so happy with our gorgeous new drop zone!

Garage Makeover (4)

I wanted to give a (non-sponsored) shout out to the local’ish business we used for our cushion! The girls raved about their experience working with NC Patio Cushions shop owner, Jonathan, on designing the bench cushion. They told me they would give him a 5 star review for every possible category — from communication, timeliness, product quality… everything was exceptional and they intend to use him again in the future! 
Oh, and I need to mention the rug!! Because the kids now remove their shoes outside (halelujah) we decided to put a washable rug down. For some reason Matt receives SO many Ruggable ads in his Instagram feed and is always sending them to me for consideration. So he was excited when he saw the girls sourced a few Ruggable rugs for us to consider! They really are washable and we’ve washed ours twice and have been impressed! 
Lastly, I need to give a disclaimer that Laura took the photos of our drop zone while the kids were at school, so that’s why the space looks so tidy. In real life, there are 384593453 jackets and bags hanging in this area…and although we have these lovely wire shoe baskets we are still training our kids to put their shoes IN the baskets, not on the floor next to the basket. But at least all our stuff is now contained outside and we aren’t tripping over it all anymore! 

garage drop zone

Drop Zone Sources

Paint Colors

Door: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt / Steps: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron / Walls: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Drop Zone Sources

octopus hooks / bench cushion / seagrass storage baskets / wire storage baskets / washable rug


Organization: CW Home **Use promo code CHRISTINA15 for a discount when you email [email protected] or fill out the form on their website. 

Photography: Laura Sumrak

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Thursday 24th of June 2021

Where did you get the shelves and storage bench? Did you build them?


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

So random but are you worried about bugs in shoes/backpacks in the garage? We now have our first garage and I want to do the same but chicken about bugs!!


Sunday 8th of December 2019

Umm this is genius! We have an enormous garage and then you walk in the door and the space for shoes and bags and coats is so small! We have a shoe rack outside in the garage but no one will use it because they’re afraid of spiders or bugs getting in. But that comment about the rosemary plant as a pest detergent has just convinced me to give this a try as our next project!


Wednesday 4th of December 2019

Thank you for the review on Ruggables! I have been looking at this option for quite some time.


Wednesday 4th of December 2019

It looks fabulous and it is such a doable use of space! We live right outside of DC so attached garages are a rariety. (If people even have a garage at all.) wish I could copy your design! ;)