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Gift Guide for Him

Kicking off my 2020 holiday gift guides with my favorite (and most popular) gift guide of the year — for the guys! WHY are husbands, dads, brothers, etc. so hard to shop for?! Hopefully you can impress the men in your life with some of these fun gift ideas, experiences, local goods & services and more!!

  1. Jack Black Set (similar sets available at Sephora): Matt really loves all of the products in this set! It includes a moisturizer, exfoliator, cleanser and a lip balm.
  2. goodr Sunglasses: I loved my goodr sunglasses so much that Matt wanted a pair. They come in so many colors, are polarized, look good on everyone, don’t slip or bounce when you’re running and are inexpensive! Update: Matt now owns 3 pairs of these…
  3. Putting Green: Matt owns 2 of these (one for home, one for office) plus a return version too.
  4. Glow In The Dark Frisbee
  5. Oyster Shucking Set: This is the set we have and it’s awesome!
  6. eero WiFi System: We just upgraded our wifi system throughout our home over the summer with this one and it has been a game changer, especially while working from home. I cannot recommend this system enough! It’s easy to install and works with Alexa too!
  7. Apple Watch: On Matt’s Christmas list this year after he saw how much I love mine!
  8. Floafers: I got these for Matt last summer and I swear he would sleep in them if I let him. These waterproof driver shoes are SO comfortable, come in several colors and look super sharp. Matt got SO, SO, SO many compliments on these shoes all summer long. He’s obsessed with them.
  9. Ring Doorbell
  10. Dartboard Cabinet
  11. Outdoor Fellow Candle
  12. Smart Scale
  13. Temperature Control Mug (also on my wish list!!)
  14. Cole Haan Sneakers: Matt has these in the marine/gray/ivory color and wears them all the time. They are comfortable and look super sharp!
  15. Gas Grill: I got this for Matt for Father’s Day and it’s a GREAT grill. It has 4 burners, is stainless steel and is a great price!
  16. UGG Slippers: I got these for Matt earlier this year and he LOVES them. They are wool lined and so cozy!
  17. Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The portable speaker that we take everywhere — Matt takes it golfing, we bring it camping, to the beach, hang it outside, etc.
  18. Tommy John Lounge Pants: I am a bit of a Tommy John fanatic (their bras, undies and pajamas are my favorite) and I love to spoil Matt with their boxers (the best ever, says Matt)! TJ offers the absolute best quality and softest fabric. I promise these are sure to be a hit!!!
  19. Towel Warmer: The towel warmer that was a previous reader-favorite two years in a row is no longer available so I found a new one with excellent reviews!
  20. Himalayan Rock Salt Block Cooking Plate
  21. Smokeless Bonfire Pit: This has been a reader favorite for several years in a row and I have received so many messages saying how much gift recipients have loved theirs! The double wall design and bottom vent holes allow a more complete burn so there is little to NO smoke, which means you won’t smell like a bonfire when you’re done using it!
  22. Carbonated Beer Growler: The #1 seller from the TWO year’s gift guides!!! Matt’s dad surprised him with this gift for 2017 Christmas and we’ve gotten so much use out of it — especially in this city filled with breweries. This mini keg keeps beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks. Go ahead and grab some C02 refill cartridges for the stocking too.
  23. Record Player: Matt has a similar record player in his office and he LOVES it.
  24. Creed Cologne Set: I TOLD YOU!!! Is this stuff not the BEST?! Yes, it is pricey, but y’all trusted me, purchased it and LOVED it. If you purchased this gift set last year, I highly recommend buying a full size this year! If you want to bypass the sample set and splurge on a full size, start with Aventus or Irish Tweed — they are both so unbelievable.
  25. TV Projector: We’ve had ours for years and it is perfect for movie night or watching football games!


Small Business, Experience, & Local Gift Ideas

  • Trueman Auto Detailing: Cody has cleaned our cars a few times now and thoroughly tackles every interior nook and cranny (including car seats). He takes so much pride in his exterior detail too which is insanely meticulous. During one of our details, Cody was even able to buff out two massive scratches and my car looks brand new now. Consider purchasing a gift card for your husband, brother, dad — any guy really!
  • Home Organization: Truly, one of the best surprises for Matt was when we had our garage organized by CW Home and he could finally pull his truck into the garage, find all of his tools and carve out a special space for all things golf! Whitney and Caroline of CW Home are absolutely incredible organizers and transformed our garage. I also want to highlight Matlin and her team at Minimized, another boutique professional organizing company who perfectly unpacked and organized every drawer and cabinet in our kitchen! You can’t go wrong with either company — both will design, shop and install everything you need to de-clutter and maximize that certain space in your home…or finish that project that your husband or dad has been saying he will eventually get to.
Gifts, Memberships & Subscriptions
  • HMBL Home Adjustable Pillow: For the pillow connoisseur, this is the very last pillow he’ll ever need to buy. This dreamy pillow is customizable by adjusting the magic filling (which is comprised of shredded memory foam) for a perfect night of sleep. Use code NCCHARM15 for 15% off your purchase!
  • 9Round Membership: Matt and I have been loyal members at 9Round for several years now and love it so much.The 30 minute kickboxing workouts are super efficient and effective and there aren’t class times so you can show up anytime.
  • Butcher Box: We’ve been using this meat subscription service for almost a year now and really love the quality and quantity of the meat we receive each month. Feel free to use my referral link for $30 off your first box if you want to try it too!
  • The Table Fix: For the craft beer or bourbon enthusiast, gift a curated bourbon and beer box from The Table Fix.
  • For the guy who likes to cook, purchase an in-person or virtual class from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. There are tons of classes to pick from!
  • For the golfer, purchase private golf lessons from Leatherman Golf . He completely changed up some of his techniques and Matt said it definitely improved his golf game.
  • Purchase an annual pass to the Whitewater Center.
  • Surprise him with tickets to a concert, comedy show, football game, a magic show, etc.
  • Purchase a membership, private training or a class at Blackstone Shooting for the guy who likes to head to the shooting range.
Apparel & Goods
  • Shop in store or online at The Sporting Gent’s Gift Guide for mens apparel, field goods and fly gear.
  • A few years ago I surprised Matt with an Ole Mason Jar gift card so he could build a custom suit! This gift was a huge hit. He got to build every piece of the suit — the liner, fabric, monogram and so much more.
  • Shop Buffalo Jackson for the most beautiful leather goods and apparel. Matt owns and loves his gorgeous leather duffel bag from this store.
Still need more gift ideas? Check out these previous gift guides…

2019 Gift Guide For Him

*indicates top seller

  1. Apple AirPods Pro / These new AirPods feature a transparency mode for when you want to hear over your ear buds. The wireless noise canceling headphones are perfect for wearing on the go and deliver up to 24 hours of battery life!
  2. Golf Rangefinder / Matt loves his rangefinder and was really excited to add this laser rangefinder to the list this year.
  3. Drone with Camera & Live Video / With more than 2100+ reviews, this drone is the perfect gift for the guy who loves toys! The photo and video quality is excellent and the drone can fly for up to 15 minutes!
  4. Cigar Case Humidor / Holds 18 cigars
  5. Practice Driving Net / For the golfer in your life who loves to practice their swing. Matt has one of these and loves to practice in the backyard with Thomas. The net is easy to set up and break down and can easily be stored.
  6. Bug Zapper Racket / I bought this set for Matt over the summer for chasing mosquitoes around. This would be a fun gag gift. But also very practical.
  7. Cardboard Cutter / One of the most used gadgets we’ve ever owned. This cutter makes breaking down boxes SO much easier!!
  8. Outdoor Travel Hammock / On Matt’s wish list this year!
  9. On Cloud Running Shoes (Also available at Nordstrom) / I have blogged about these shoes over and over and over but these really are the very best running shoes Matt and I have ever owned. They truly feel like you’re walking on a cloud! These shoes are a little more expensive than what we normally spend on running shoes but I promise they are totally worth every penny.
  10. Electric Air Compressor Pump/Tire Inflator / Another practical gift for inflating tires, basketballs, inflatable pools and more!
  11. Golf Ball Marker Tool Kit / Stole this item straight from Matt’s Christmas list.
  12. *Carbonated Beer Growler / The #1 seller from last year’s gift guide!!! Matt’s dad surprised him with this gift for 2017 Christmas and we’ve gotten so much use out of it — especially in this city filled with breweries. This mini keg keeps beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks. Go ahead and grab some C02 refill cartridges for the stocking too.
  13. Charcoal Grill / This grill is said to rival the Green Egg and has so many great reviews!
  14. *Towel Warmer / Who doesn’t want a warm towel waiting for them when they step out of the shower?! This was a popular gift item from last year’s guide!
  15. Minimalist Wallet / Matt insisted I include this wallet this year. This was the #1 seller two years ago and Matt still stands by this wallet as his favorite.
  16. Pressure Washer / We bought this over the summer and it is AMAZING for washing the exterior of our home, sidewalks, driveway and cars!
  17. Creed Cologne / My brother is obsessed with Creed Cologne has been telling me to get this set for Matt for a long time. Finally, for Matt’s milestone law firm anniversary this year I surprised him with this cologne and it’s really a gift to myself too — it smells that divine and I promise is worth the splurge!
  18. *Bonfire Pit / This was the second best seller from last year’s guide and the #1 gift I received the most thank you messages about from readers who gifted this and wanted to report back that it was a huge hit! The reviews on this stainless steel fire pit are unreal. The double wall design and bottom vent holes allows a more complete burn which means little to NO smoke!!! Which also means you won’t smell like smoke when you’re done using it!
  19. Cordless Drill / This is the drill my dad told me to buy Matt a few years ago and it is still going strong!
  20. Portable & Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker / One of Matt’s all time favorite golf accessories, this speaker is perfect for clipping to your golf bag — rain or shine!

  21. Portable Ice Maker / We purchased this ice maker during our kitchen renovation and have gotten SO much use out of it. It’s perfect for parties when you need extra ice fast! It makes 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.
  22. Buffalo Jackson Leather Duffle Bag / Matt got his bag from the local shop in Charlotte and has not stop raving about the quality since. This company sells seriously gorgeous leather products and the quality is outstanding. In fact, I highly suggest checking out all their products for additional gift ideas. This luggage tag would make an excellent stocking stuffer!
  23. Pistachio & Sunflower Seeds Snack Bowl with Cell Phone Stand / Perfect gift for the guy who loves to snack on pistachios or sunflower seeds.
  24. *Tile Mate Key Finder / For the man in your life who constantly loses his keys, wallet, phone, etc. This magical Bluetooth tracker easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast. This was a top seller from last year’s guide.
  25. Columbia Hooded Insulated Jacket / Matt’s favorite jacket in his closet.

  1. Jack Black Set
  2. goodr Sunglasses
  3. Meat Thermometer
  4. Prank Winning Scratch Offs
  5. Oyster Shucking Set
  6. eero WiFi System
  7. Bytox Hangover Patch
  8. Bacon Grease Container
  9. Ring Doorbell
  10. Simple Wine Opener
  11. Outdoor Fellow Candle
  12. Dad Jokes
  13. Tommy John Boxers
  14. Wireless Mouse
  15. Cardboard Cutter Tool
  16. No Show Socks
  17. Magnetic Phone Mount
  18. Beard King Bib
  19. Rechargeable Flameless USB Lighter
  20. Stuff You Should Know Book
  21. Magnetic Golf Towel
  22. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  23. Reversible Golf Belt
  24. Ball Marker Kit
  25. 50 Places to Play Golf Before You Die Book

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