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How to Fluff Your Roses (Tutorial)

We love fresh flowers in our home and I’m always looking for tips and tricks on how to keep them alive for as long as possible. One of my go to tricks is “fluffing” my roses. It’s SO easy and makes the biggest difference.

My favorite roses for this trick are the inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store. I find these are easier to fluff than the expensive roses (which tend to be silkier). I picked up this $8.99 bouquet from Harris Teeter and followed these easy steps…

Step 1: Carefully remove excess leaves and any browned petals

I remove almost all of the leaves in my bouquet and any dead, damaged or browned outer petals. Any leaves left below the water line of the vase will rot in the water and your flowers will quickly decay.

Step 2: Trim the stems

Cut the stems at an angle, so they drink up more water!

Step 3: Gently pull back each petal

This is the most crucial step—starting with the outermost petals, gently pull each petal away from the center. As you move to the layers closer to the center you can blow into the rose to help open them up a bit.

Happy fluffing!

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Monday 25th of May 2020

Thanx, great tips! I might be able to add something else- my mum once mentioned that, when rose stems (always at an angle!!) are being cut, they segregate a fluid or something, that helps the rose to "seal" the stem and thus helps it to protect itself... thus I always cut them under running water :-)