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Learning From Home: Educational Resources For Pre-K & Kindergarteners

I know we are all searching for at-home resources, activities and more for kids while we all practice social distancing right now. I am working from home for the foreseeable future while also refereeing arguments over snacks and toys. So to stay sane (and because our family thrives on routine), we are following a loose schedule which consists of a mix of educational and purely fun activities for the kids.

While it’s a small portion of our day, we are blocking out some academic time each morning for the kids. It’s only been a few days, but so far they’ve really enjoyed enjoyed keeping up with school work. We aren’t planning to introduce any new concepts at this time and are focusing on practicing the things the kids have already learned.

Anyway, I polled y’all earlier this week for educational shows and resources and received a flood of recommendations. Our teacher sent us some great resources too. There were lots of requests to round up the responses so today I’m sharing the top recommendations I received.

I’ll do a separate post for fun activities too!

TV Shows & Tablet Activities

Here are the 10 most popular TV shows and tablet activities/apps/websites you all sent me (in order of popularity!):

  1. Wild Kratts
  2. ComicKids Yoga on YouTube (great yoga and stories for kids)
  3. Go Noodle (exercise, dancing and mindfulness activities for kids)
  4. Sid The Science Kid
  5. Storyline Online (celebrities reading children’s books)
  6. Magic School Bus
  7. Starfall
  8. Dr. Seuss
  9. Scholastic Learn From Home
  10. Mr. Rogers


These are the workbooks we’re using for Thomas and Caroline right now:

Share your educational resources in the comments!

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Thursday 27th of October 2022

Thanks for this informative article. I agree that nowadays, there are so many different resources for students of all ages, and you can use any if you have an internet connection. That's all that is needed. And I can say that's great, because for me, as a student, it is very important to have such resources, because studying is hard. Even when I was applying to uni, I used the help of because the concurrency was high, and I needed help with writing to improve my chances. And I have no regrets because it really worked. In general, want to say that different resources help to study better and improve skills faster and easier.

Paige Cassandra Flamm

Thursday 19th of March 2020

We used to homeschool our kids full time and used those same writing workbooks!



Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I teach older 4's in a 1/2 day church preschool setting. We use the Learning Without Tears curriculum. This is my eighth year using the materials and they are wonderful. The children love them and it really makes learning fun. As someone else mentioned, Teachers Pay Teachers is a great resource. There are some free things on there, but most things are very affordable. As a teacher, one suggestion I would make would be to look at TPT or another resource and find an assessment for your child. After the assessment, you will know exactly what they know and where they are struggling. I find in the classroom certain letters are more difficult than others. If you assess then you can do a little extra work on problem areas.


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

As a speech pathologist I’m always looking for ways to help my clients and their families improve language and literacy skills. Here is a great FREE resource from Scholastic:

Hugs from Waco!


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

This is actually a better link for age level language/literacy activities —


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I work as a content/curriculum developer. In my last job I worked on an educational app called Todo Math. Currently they’re offering everyone a 2 week free trial. My kids love it because they have their own learning path (I have a pre-k child and 1st grader) They have a daily mission they complete with games that target what they need to work on. There’s also a progress report that can help you see their progress. My son was a tester for their games since 2 and his love for math runs deep!