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May Amazon Favorites

Sharing a few of my favorite items from Amazon this month…


But first…here were YOUR favorite items this month….

  1. Kid Floafers!!!!
  2. Maxi Skirt w/ Pockets
  3. Kosterina Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Supergoop! Glow Oil
  5. OPI Polly Want A Laquer Nail Color
  6. Edge Square Wine Glass
  7. Boho Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress
  8. Supergoop! Glow Stick
  9. Hair Elastics + Elastic Cutter
  10. Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea & Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea


Hair Elastics + Elastic Cutter

We replenished our hair elastics stash this week and I wanted to share this deal in case you’re family goes through a ton of these too! So, these aren’t some super special hair elastics but this type is our favorite and this jar of 2,000 elastics is the best deal I’ve found on them (50% off). I like to fill mini salad dressing containers with these elastics and stash them in all the bags — pool bag, tennis bag, my purse, golf bag, dance bag, etc. I also keep a container in the kitchen where I do Caroline’s hair (on the mornings she actually let’s me brush it and pull it out of her face) and in my car! Also, one of my readers reached out and recommended this elastic cutter tool for easily removing elastics without pulling out your hair!

G.M. Collin Vital C15 Serum

I just re-ordered another bottle of this magical serum and can definitely tell a difference in my skin texture since I started using it twice a day last fall. This serum is worth the investment and is comprised of a powerful synergy of ingredients such as vitamin C, ferulic acid and camu camu extract, as well as MATRIXYL 3000 to visibly improve skin vitality and uniformity. It also provides protection against environmental stressors and works on fine lines and wrinkles.

Kosterina Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Last Christmas one of my girlfriends brought this incredible olive oil to our Favorite Things Party and I’ve been hooked ever since. The quality of this EVOO is truly excellent. This is also the perfect housewarming or hostess gift too!

Daily Planner Notepad

I just repurchased my favorite notepad I use daily to stay organized! I shared this pretty notepad back in my Home Office Favorites post and many of you have shared that you have purchased and love it too! Yay! The paper is high quality (70 lb), the size is perfect (6.5″ x 9.5″), there are 8 colors/layouts to pick from and it is inexpensive.


Warm Weather Workout Favorites

It has been SO nice to transition from leggings to athletic shorts and skirts lately as the weather has been warming up in Charlotte! The mornings are still a little chilly but by the afternoon the temperature is perfect! So this month I rounded up all my favorite workout items right now (most of which are from Amazon)…

  1. Tennis Skirt: One of my favorite tennis skirts! It comes in 16 colors (I have it in white), has a ball pocket, a phone pocket and the quality is excellent.
  2. Sports Bra: No surprise I had to include my absolute favorite sports bra. Awhile ago I polled y’all for the best sports bra with sewn in cups and got a lot of recommendations (which I rounded up HERE). And this is absolutely the best sports bra I’ve ever owned — the Medium Support Powersoft Adjustable-Strap Sports Bra from Old Navy. It’s comfortable, features adjustable straps, is affordable, provides great support and has SEWN IN CUPS. This bra really is the total package and is often on sale. I just ordered two more!
  3. Tennis Shoes: I’ve been wearing these athletic sneakers since y’all recommended them last fall and absolutely love them (you can find all the reader recommended athletic shoes HERE). They are so comfortable, offer lots of support and are affordable.
  4. Cropped Sweatshirt: I just ordered this sweatshirt to wear during the cooler mornings. It comes in 6 colors and is currently on sale!
  5. Race Length Top: Hands down, this is my favorite workout top and is always my first choice when it’s clean. The top is slim fit and race length (a little shorter than regular length) so it doesn’t ride up while doing burpees and planks! I just wish it was a little more affordable so I could buy a lot more. It comes in 8 colors.
  6. Women’s Fast and Free Running Hat: My favorite hat for tennis, golf, outdoor walks, the pool and more. The fabric is lightweight, has a four-way stretch, is sweat-wicking, and quick-drying.
  7. Running Belt: This neoprene belt has been a game changer for outdoor runs, hikes, etc. It holds SO much — phone, credit cards, cash, keys, and earphones all in one place. It’s lightweight and the waistband is adjustable so it stays put while moving around. It’s also water resistant and comes in 9 colors.
  8. Sunglasses: I’m a huge goodr fan but it has been so hard to find the colors I want in stock anywhere so I decided to try this brand and they are exactly the same — but cheaper. These polarized sunnies are anti-glare, provide UVA & UVB protection and the special grip prevents them from bouncing or slipping while moving around. They come in 14 colors.
  9. Longsleeve Top: My favorite long sleeve workout top when it’s chilly outside. It comes in 6 colors.
  10. Quilted Pullover: I scooped up this adorable pullover up a few weeks ago to wear with my tennis skirts and absolutely love it. The quality is excellent, it’s super soft and has a slight stretch, is cozy and comfortable, has pockets and comes in 9 colors.
  11. Leggings with Pockets: These are my #1 leggings! I have 7 pairs (one for every day of the week!) and have never loved a pair of leggings more than these! They have pockets, are affordable, the quality is excellent and they come in a rainbow of colors.
  12. Dry Fit Tank Tops: If my favorite tank (#5) is dirty, these are my go to compression tank tops. The moisture-wicking fabric is soft, breathable and stretchy! They come in a 3 pack (in 9 different color combos) and are super affordable.
  13. Tennis Dress: I am kind of obsessed with tennis dresses right now and have this one in two colors (available in 12 colors)!!
  14. Running Shorts: My favorite Amazon running shorts are no longer available which is a huge bummer, but these look identical to the ones I have. And these have a side pocket which is awesome.
  15. Hydro Flask: Matt and I both love these water bottles. I prefer a water bottle with a cap so I can toss it in my workout bag without worrying about it leaking. And the special insulation keeps my water cold all day long. Available in 3 sizes and 16 colors.
  16. Apple Watch Silicone Bands: I have and love this set of silicone bands for my Apple watch.
  17. Supergoop! Glow Oil: The newest Supergoop! product I just picked up and really like — the Glow Oil! First, I love that it’s a water-resistant spray (you still have to rub it in) with SPF 50. And I also love how it’s lightweight, hydrating, packed with Vitamin E and leaves a subtle glow (without looking/feeling greasy!).
  18. No-Show Socks: The BEST, BEST, BEST no-show socks. Matt and I both have one million pairs. I’ve shared these socks a million times (and I think they are still one of my Amazon best-sellers) because they really are amazing.
  19. Supergoop! Lip Balm: I’ve got a tube in almost every bag — my tennis bag, my running belt, my car, the pool bag, etc.. This lip balm is my favorite SPF lip protection.
  20. Athletic Dress: Another cute dress I’ve been loving for tennis! This one has a built in bra and shorts — and comes in 16 colors.

Tennis Dress: I am kind of obsessed with tennis dresses right now and have this one in two colors (available in 12 colors)!!

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Planter Boxes

I refreshed our planter boxes for spring this month and so far they are still alive!


Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea & Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea

This month I shared a reel of my favorite steamy concoction for fighting allergy symptoms. Everyone in my house has been battling allergies this season and I’ve made this drink for Matt every single morning for him to take to the office! The miracle brew is a drink at Starbucks called the “Medicine Ball,” also known as “The Coldbuster,” also known as “Honey Citrus Mint Tea” and is filled half with steamed lemonade and half with hot water, a citrus mint tea bag and a bag of peach tea, a drizzle of honey and an optional pump of peppermint. Not only is it delicious, it helps relieve cold symptoms, so if you’re scrambling for an immunity booster or throat-soother you must try this steamy concoction.

Supergoop! Glow Oil

Y’all have been loving the Supergoop! Glow Stick, Supergoop! Sunscreen and Supergoop! SPF Lip Balm, so I wanted to share another Supergoop! product I just picked up and really like — the Glow Oil! First, I love that it’s a water-resistant spray (you still have to rub it in) with SPF 50. And I also love how it’s lightweight, hydrating, packed with Vitamin E and leaves a subtle glow (without looking/feeling greasy!).


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