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Weekend Rewind | April 2022

It was a nice and productive weekend!


Friday evening Caroline made Princess Popcorn, we ordered pizza from Inizio and watched Marvel movie #23 — Eternals. To be honest, this movie was definitely not my favorite and I was practicing mahjong on my iPad next to everyone 30 minutes into the 3 hour movie. And now we only have two movies left!!!


Saturday Matt played in a golf tournament (and came in 2nd place!)! Meanwhile, the kids and I spent the entire day outside because it was so beautiful! We rode bikes to Chick-fil-A to pick up some lunch and then headed to the park for a picnic!

Afterwards I tackled cleaning out the garage (a task I’ve been absolutely dying to do) so I handed over a bucket, soap and sponges to the kids and they went to town cleaning my car, their bikes and lots of construction dust covered random things I tossed out to them to wash.

While the bathroom was under construction, half of our garage was used for all the materials — tile, cabinets, boxes, sheets of drywall, etc. On Friday, Atreum came and removed all the debris and swept up the construction zone, but the dust (and pollen from the garage being open all day for the past few weeks) was piled up everywhere. It took me all afternoon but the garage is sparkling and Matt was so surprised when he pulled up and his parking space was free for him to use again!

Saturday evening I made a ginormous snack plate for everyone to graze on while we played Ticket to Ride! The real winner of the snack plate was the dairy-free Boursin cheese I found at Trader Joe’s! The consistency is thicker like a cream cheese spread and isn’t as creamy as the regular Boursin cheese but it tastes EXACTLY the same!!! I cannot recommend this product enough…and no, it is not sponsored (but I would absolutely freak out if I did get a sponsorship with Boursin).

I have to share the cutest story. Earlier in the day I told the kids that I was planning an at-home date night with Matt on the back porch and that we’d set up the play room for them to have a movie night. So Matt and I absolutely melted when Thomas and Caroline came downstairs wearing fancy clothes and informed us that they would be setting up their own date night upstairs. Caroline was wearing her daddy-daughter dance dress which paired nicely with her bright blue eye shadow. Thomas also looked sharp in his sport coat and a button-up (a shirt we normally have to negotiate hard to get him to wear) along with a spritz of Matt’s cologne. They had even set up a dining area in the playroom, complete with table decorations and a special seat for Sprinkles. It was so damn cute, y’all. So naturally, I surprised them with a fine dining meal of microwave TV dinners and Little Debbie brownies. Huge hit.

Oh, I received some messages in response to my Ticket to Ride stories on Instagram. Yes, this is the regular version…only because I didn’t know there was a kids version (adds to cart)!! Matt and I have been playing this game since 2017 according to my Amazon purchase history and this was our first time playing it with the kids! We anticipated it being a little complicated for them but they both caught on pretty quick. We did modify the game play a bit to speed it up since it was getting late (and they had a 3 hour movie picked out to watch) — whoever completed their first route won…and Thomas won.


Sunday morning Thomas had birthday party to attend so Caroline and I ran some errands for her birthday party, grabbed lunch and headed to play tennis! The boys caught up with us after the party and the kids went to their tennis lesson while Matt and I played a match with our friends.

Sunday evening we grilled pineapple, veggie & chicken kabobs for dinner which was a hit!

And that was a wrap on the weekend!

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