Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! Whew, we've got some serious cabin fever over here today. Just got the text that school is closed for the THIRD day in a row.  

one. I had a lot of requests on insta-stories about my shoes I wore in Florida. I found it so funny because the picture I posted didn't even show the full beauty of the shoes.  Here they are in their full glory...and they are ON SALE...and I am obsessed with them...
two. So I just finished All the Missing Girls...and I didn't love it. I knowwww. I knooooooooow. I'm in the minority because so many of you swore this was one of the very best books. I just felt like it was too slow for me and I kept losing interest! I and can't wait to crack open The Good Daughter tonight!
three. I was cracking up last night at the amount of questions I received about the kitty cat night light that Caroline showed off during her room tour on insta-stories! Truth be told, Matt bought it on his own and when it arrived I thought it was SO weird...but Caroline is obsessed with it -- clearly!

four. We made these Whole30 Greek Burgers last night and I couldn't wait until my next Meal Plan Monday post to share them. We devoured ours too fast to even snap a picture.
five. There's nothing like an unexpected snow day to push me to finally scoop up some rain/snow boots for the kiddos. At the sign of the first flurry, I purchased these adorable shark boots for Tom and kitty cat boots for Caroline. Both on sale for less than $20! Also purchased a cute dinosaur hat + mittens set (on sale) for Tom so he wouldn't have to use socks as mittens anymore. #secondkidproblems

Happy weekend, friends!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Yesterday Charlotte got 3 inches of snow which pretty much paralyzed the city, giving us the very best snow day. No seriously, it was the best! 
Matt must have made 40 snow balls for the kids to throw. There are snow angels all over our backyard. And a pile of soggy wet clothes by the back door. These are the days!
To thaw the kiddos out, I whipped up some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, which I later regretted at nap time.
All day I slow cooked Chicken, Kale + Sweet Potato soup in the crock pot.
And I just got the text -- school is closed again today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Books! Books! Books!

My GOODNESS, y'all came through with amazing book recommendations on my recent book request post! I literally requested EVERY single one of them from the library and am anywhere between #6 and #191 on the wait list line for ALL of them! However, since I'm impatient, I primed a handful of the books with the longest wait list. Also, I decided to compile and share the list of books that were recommended because they are ALL in the thriller/suspense/can't-turn-the-page-fast-enough category and those of you who left suggestions would probably like the others too!
My Husbands Wife

*recommended more than once

The books en route to me are The Woman in Cabin 10, The Kind Worth Killing, Luckiest Girl Alive, The Husbands Secret, My Husaband's Wife, The Good Daughter, The Chemist and The Couple Next Door. I purchased all of them used on Amazon anywhere between .93 - $6 for hardbacks in excellent condition! I can't wait to report back with a review!

Happy reading, friends! 
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