Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Labor Day weekend! We've got some fun plans ahead. But first...
- one - Excuse the messy counter tops but earlier this week Matt surprised me mid-day with this gorgeous bouquet of farmers market flowers. He totally caught me off guard when he walked in on me binge watching Friday Night Lights. (I promise I do get stuff done on maternity leave outside of Netflix marathons. Just um, maybe not decluttering the kitchen.)
- two - I am pretty sure I am the only person who isn't rushing into fall. I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet. I am loving tank tops, flip flops, longer days and I am still rocking my scrunchy summer hair. Recently I discovered the very best mousse for the perfect scrunch - Big Sexy Hair Spray Mousse. This mousse sprays directly into your hair as a fine mist so you don't even have to lather it up in your hands first! Totally awesome and worth every penny!
- three - I cannot believe this actually happened since it's been on my "to do" list for almost 4 years BUT I finally made our wedding album!!! It took me probably 20 hours to put together because I am the least design savvy person ever but I LOVE that we now have a hard copy album to share with our kids one day.
I used Blurb to design the album and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't cost a small fortune to print either. And since I'm on a roll now searching through the deep archives of our life, I even started our first family album too! My goal is to make one of these at the end of each year to have and look back on...if I can find 20 extra hours of free time.
- four - Blackberry jam!!! I did it! And it was easy! I canned my very first batch of blackberry jam this week with the help of my friend Lisa. I was worried I was in over my head on this project but was pleasantly surprised with how easy it really was. Oh, and it turned out DELICIOUS.
- five - We have finally found the ultimate white noise machine that I must share with you all - the Dohm. I could write a 5 paragraph essay on why you need one of these for each kid's room and one for your own bedroom too! This sound machine has been an absolute game changer for us. It was recommended to me by a veteran mom with two kids (and two Dohms) and now I'm finding out that pretty much every experienced mom uses this exact machine and swears by it. In fact, even the box reads "recommended by pediatricians & experienced moms" and it was chosen to be the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. The Dohm is so much louder than any of the other white noise machines we own (and we own 5 types) and really helps block out unwanted sounds (hello, dog barking!) during naps and bedtime. Unlike other devices, the Dohm has an actual fan (with two speeds) inside the machine that creates a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air. Go buy one now. Heck, go buy one for every room! 
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello! I'm Carolina Charm!

It's hard to believe how much my blog has grown since my very first post more than 4 years ago. I swear I only had two readers for the longest time - my husband and my mom. But over the last couple of years I began to meet so many amazing blog friends and readers (I am so thankful for you all)! These friends watched me prepare for my wedding day, crossed their fingers for Matt's business adventures, toured our homes, tried my recipes, prayed alongside of us during our pregnancies, rejoiced with us as we welcomed two healthy babies and so much more. We've laughed, cried and prayed together quite a bit I'd say!

Whether you've been reading for years or just popped by for the first time today, I'm so happy you're here! Truly! 

So for fun I thought I would give you all a little reintroduction from my recently updated "about me" page.

I'd also love to know who you are too! If you want to play along, feel free to leave a comment with your name, city, blog (if applicable) and how long you've been reading here! Also, if there are any posts you'd love to see more (or less) of, tell me that too! 

Hey y'all, I'm Christina, the wanna-be southern belle behind Carolina Charm. I am also the wife to Matt and mama to Caroline and Thomas. I grew up in Florida, but moved to Charlotte, North Carolina after graduating from the University of Florida {Go Gators, Tebow, etc}. I am obsessed with cooking, crafting, baking, and blogging. I love my friends, family and Jesus a lot and am incredibly grateful for this life. Grab a cup of coffee {or a glass of wine} and stay awhile!
A deeper dive into my story...

I met the love of my life shortly after moving to Charlotte in 2009. More on that story (here). A year later Matt proposed on top of a mountain and the following year we happily said "I do!" That story (here).  
That same year Matt decided to hang a shingle and opened his own law firm, The Law Office of Matthew T. Marcellino which is now Marcellino & Tyson. Oddly enough, I also work for a large law firm doing non-lawyerly things.
We spent our early newlywed years in our first (cozy little home) before moving to our current home that we love! Full story (here).
Our lives were forever changed for the best when we welcomed Caroline Grace into our family on May 7, 2014. Story (here). 
Fifteen months later our hearts further expanded when we welcomed Thomas Dean to our family on July 11, 2015. Story (here).
And that's the very abbreviated version of our story (so far)!



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In August...


Went to Food Truck Friday with friends! Just one more reason why I love the Queen City! Each week (year-round) a bunch of gourmet food trucks gather together to offer delicious food from some of Charlotte's best chefs!
Had two well check ups for our babies! Very, very thankful for healthy report cards. And when Caroline grows up she says she wants to be a doctor.

Playdates - duh!
Ate tons of popsicles. We're obsessed with the mini slow melt popsicles!
Soaked in maternity leave with lots and lots of snuggles.
Matt and I had our first date night! We attended The Jim Gaffigan Show with some of our friends at an outdoor amphitheater. It torrentially downpoured on us for the first two hours and thunder and lightning ended up delaying the show while we huddled under a blanket in soaking wet grass. However, once the rain let up a bit it was a really funny show.
I started back at Mommy Power Hour with Thomas and it's been kicking my booty!
We spent a day in Winston. Matt's parents took the babies while we floated around the lazy river for hours. Caroline and Thomas met us up at the pool for a little bit too. It was the perfect day date.
And that's a wrap on August!

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