Monday, December 5, 2016

Revision Recovery Update!

FRIENDS! Thank you all SO much for checking in on me! I have received so many emails and Instagram messages from you all and it means a lot! My procedure on Thursday was a complete success and I couldn't be happier that I left the hospital with NO DRAINS. Hallelujah. I was definitely freaking out and losing sleep over those.
Just before we dropped the kids off to daycare on the way to the hospital Matt snapped a few pictures of me and the kiddos since I won't be able to pick them up for awhile. I thought my lifting restriction was only going to be for 4 weeks but doctor told me SIX weeks before he discharged me. Yikes. Thankfully I've lined up Ms. Jamie to come help Matt a few nights with bedtime, bath time, dinner time, etc. in the evenings and a lot of my girlfriends have already dropped off some meals to us!
We arrived to the hospital and met with 9473294 doctors, answered 94382 questions (which always makes Matt so nervous), my doctor drew all over my chest in permanent marker, I got a strong dose of versed (which you may have seen on Snap/Insta -- compliments of Matt) and they whisked me away to the operating room. Matt's dad was in town for a work meeting and surprised him in the waiting room and hung out with him during my surgery too.
 Some no-makeup selfies!
Can you tell Matt is absolutely freaking out? He gets SO nervous over this stuff and laid in my bed with me until they rolled me away, per usual. And he also asks a million questions -- what are you putting in the IV now? Does she have enough blankets? Is she in any pain? Will I get an update every 6 minutes while she's back there? He's the sweetest.
I know I already said it BUT again, I was so dang happy to wake up without a drain. It was the first question I asked and cannot explain how much of a relief that was to wake up to.
The first night home was pretty awful because I have the WORST side effect on pain meds. I get extremely itchy and want to crawl out of my skin. It kept me up ALL night too. However, the pain was minimal so I switched to Advil the next day and just felt really sore with a little pain around the incisions.

On Friday I finally ripped off my itchy surgical bra and switched to a sports bra which also brought tremendous relief! Also, I mentioned in my last update that I was considering swapping out my implants with a smaller size and ended up moving forward with that decision. The doctor tested out a couple sizes in the OR and ultimately decided to go down 55 ccs. I honestly could not be happier with the girls now. They are EVEN and fit my body shape a lot better. They also look and feel a lot more natural and that's exactly what I was hoping for!

Overall, the recovery isn't too bad but six weeks of back sleeping and no lifting is going to be rough. Also, I am still a tad bit sore but am returning to work today!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Four on Friday!

Oh hey! I'm laid up in bed watching Netflix with the hubs today while I recover from my revision surgery. However, I quickly jotted down four things before I left for the hospital...
one // My friend Mel hosted Supper Club for November! She invited us to wear pajamas for an evening of mimosas and breakfast (for dinner)! It was perfect! I can't believe we're about to wrap up another amazing year of Supper Club!
two // A few months ago I picked up The City Coat from J.Crew Factory and seriously have never received more compliments on a piece of clothing. The color is so fabulous and the price is insanely low right now. If you need a new coat this winter I highly recommend grabbing this one in bright ocean!
three // I know reading about potty training is probably one of the lamest things I could post about but technically this is about our reward system for Caroline, which I happen to think is awesome. So for potty training Matt and I had to think outside of the box for an easy, inexpensive reward that didn't involve candy/food/treats, stamps or stickers (those things have lost their magic). So we came up with a glow-in-the-dark-stars reward system. I love this set of stars because there are a variety of sizes so we can match the star size with the reward. For example, on days Caroline's uses the potty all day at school she gets a small star. And once we venture into using the potty for um, #2 she will get a BIG star. She is building an impressive constellation (Matt is creating the little dipper this week) and she feels so proud going to sleep with a reminder on her ceiling for being awesome. As a bonus, the star system incentivizes her to go to bed with a little less fuss because she's excited to add her star and see it light up when we leave her room.
four // Tell me what you're watching on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc. right now!!! I have some lounging to do this weekend...
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Revision Surgery Day!

This morning I am undergoing my breast revision surgery!

For those of you who missed my last mastectomy update: basically, after my exchange surgery my left implant slipped out of the pocket (that was created during my expander fills) and as a result noticeably sits lower than my right implant. Anyway, Matt and I had my pre-op consultation last week, picked out some new implants and the doctor gave me strict orders to not lift anything over 10 lbs again (specifically the kiddos), clean, cook, blah, blah, blah for FOUR weeks which is a super huge pain but necessary to avoid another surgery. Basically, I can't do anything that engages my pectoral muscles while I heal because they keep the implants in place. 
The surgery is a quick outpatient procedure and recovery should be a breeze (minus the lifting restriction). However, my biggest, biggest, BIGGEST fear is that I may wake up with a drain on the left side. The doctor says it's a 50/50 chance but he won't know if it's necessary until he gets in there. So pretty please say a prayer for me that I make it out drain-free this morning! I'll keep you updated on Instagram!

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