Make Be-Leaves

Although a “green thumb” may not rank amongst my top talents, my successes for growing plants do outweigh my failures {recently anyway}! I take pride in my lush jungle of a backyard, from the hydrangeas to the peonies.

HOWEVER, there is ONE place in my home that I just can’t seem to keep anything alive…my front window box! For 3 seasons now I have failed miserably. No matter how well I care for my plants, within weeks my window box looks like the cast of Jersey Shore {withered and all snookered out}. 

So I am letting you in on my dirty little secret…I switched to FAUX PLANTS in my window boxes! I flirted with the idea for quite awhile after losing beaucoup dollars on flowers. Boy am I glad I switched! Completely maintenance free, you would certainly mistake my window box for real flowers! In fact, I have been fooling my neighbors for over a year with my rotation of impressive seasonal flowers.  Right now, lilac pansies and may night salvia are taking center stage.

Fakin’ it and proud of it. J

{Note: If you decide to switch to faux flowers, make sure you change them throughout the season! It could be quite bewildering to see bright blooming flowers “growing” up through the snow in winter!}



  1. Hannah
    June 5, 2011 / 11:43 pm

    hahahah I LOVE THIS! not only i am a horrible cook, but a horrible gardener as well. gosh i am failing at everything housewife-ish huh?! i think you've inspired me to go faux now…!

  2. Sarah O
    March 3, 2012 / 12:55 am

    Did you use any special brand? I've seen some fake flowers turn terrible colors after one rain fall. More gardening posts please! I'm hopeless! 😉

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