Caroline Grace {10 Months}

Caroline Grace,

You are officially out of control these days and I am having such a hard time keeping up with you (especially at 5 months pregnant). If I take my eyes off of you for 3 seconds you are happily unloading the Tupperware drawer in the kitchen, terrorizing Charlie, throwing your paci in the bathroom toilet bowl then laughing uncontrollably, pulling every tampon and hair product out of my bathroom drawer, slapping the water out of Charlie’s water bowl, climbing up the blinds or unrolling the toilet paper onto the floor. Thank goodness you’re still a great napper and love your sleep because that is the only time your mama and daddy get to rest these days. You dropped your cuddle time in the mornings with me and now are more interested in racing towards the edge of the bed over and over again until I ultimately give up chasing after you and get up with you for the day.

In addition to your mobility you are eating us out of house and home. You are quickly ditching your purees (and bottles) and are happiest when feeding yourself table food. You eat more food during some meals than I do. For breakfast you love English muffins/toast/bagels with peanut butter, whole bananas (your favorite!!!), yogurt, scrambled eggs, diced fruit, pancakes/waffles and anything else we put in front of you really. You eat the school lunch (and steal pieces of your classmates lunches once you’ve finished yours). Your teachers say there isn’t a food you’ve disliked yet and comment daily on your hearty appetite. And for dinner we usually give you avocado, macaroni and cheese, fruit, veggies, string cheese (another favorite!!!) more yogurt and pieces of whatever we are eating. Speaking of eating, it is getting much harder to eat out with you these days. You are not a fan of the high chair at restaurants and would much prefer to crawl all over the nasty floor eating random pieces of food. Lucky for you, we don’t let you do that so instead you just throw temper tantrums at the table with us unless we share half our plate with you. No other moms warned me that our easy days of eating out together were numbered!

You are ridiculously fun and outgoing. You keep us laughing constantly at the things you do and we just adore your personality. You favor your daddy more and more each day which is totally unfair because I let you embrace adventure and explore the house while he is always one step behind you bracing for a fall, taking away the fun non-baby objects, scheduling doctors appointments every time you sneeze and worrying about you every single moment of the day. You will never fully understand the love he has for you. We both love you so dang much and constantly say to each other “Can you believe we get to keep this baby forever? We are so lucky she’s ours and that she is awesome.”



  10 Month Highlights:

  • Stats: 16.7 pounds (15%), 26.25 inches tall (3%!!!), 43.3 cm head circumference (25%) 6-9 month clothing and pajamas, size 3 diapers, 6 teeth (four on top, two on the bottom).
  • Nicknames: Muffin (shortened from Love-Muffin), Fuzzy (you still only have a bit of fuzz on your head), Pooky (or Pooks), Lovey and Monster (when you’re being mean).
  • Tricks: waving, clapping, lip smacking/popping, 5 second temper tantrums, crawling at 35 mph, pulling up, dancing (which is more like power squats), walking assisted with the walker and saying a few words (dadda, mama, baba).
  • Favorite toys: Tupperware, cups, a fresh roll of toilet paper, remotes, phones, daddy’s glasses, Charlie’s tail and your walker
  • Boycotting 4 six ounce bottles of Earth’s Best Organic Formula a day and consistently leaving anywhere from 3-4 ounces in each bottle but eating tons of table food so the doc says it’s okay.

10 Month Favorites {Items We Couldn’t Live Without}:

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker // Play Kitchen // Disposable Place Mats {for eating at restaurants} // Baby Locks {for drawers & cabinets} // Outlet Plugs // Anti-Slip Baby Socks // Nuby Sippy Cup // Baby’s 1st Blocks & Rock Stack Bundle // Activity Balls // Triple Paste


    For the 2% of you who think Caroline looks like me, please see side-by-side pictures below of Caroline and her daddy wearing his bear sweater.

    And a video of this crazy little muffin. I promise you won’t be able to not smile while watching this.




        1. Julie @ Coastal Runner Girl
          March 9, 2015 / 12:34 pm

          Love these posts!! 🙂 Just wondering, when did you first give her peanut butter? My daughter is 7 months old and I'm thinking of giving it to her soon…

        2. Jessica
          March 9, 2015 / 12:55 pm

          She is so cute! The video definitely made me smile:) And oh, mama. I wish someone would have warned me about the whole "easy eating dinner out thing" ending so soon too – we would have eaten out a lot more when Caleb was smaller, lol! Once they become a bit more independent, I think the high chair becomes the absolute enemy. Caleb won't sit in one anymore, so we have graduated him to a booster seat when we eat out (which is very infrequently when with him now, lol!) They're so super fun at Caroline's age, but you are right – they are a WHOLE lot of work, and the only rest you get is when they are sleeping. Ha! She is absolutely adorable, and by the time your new little one comes, Caroline will likely be a bit more independent, so you won't have to worry quite as much. When they start walking it's a bit easier, and she looks like she's close!

        3. Laura Wyatt
          March 9, 2015 / 1:05 pm

          Ohhh my goshh! The side-by-side with Matt is awesome! SO enjoyed hanging out and playing yesterday! Love y'all to pieces! Have a great week! xo

        4. Sara Elizabeth
          March 9, 2015 / 1:20 pm

          My goodness, you are a busy one Miss Caroline!!! It also appears you love ice cream as much as I do, so we can totally be friends! Also, why can't I get away with wearing a one piece jammietje way you can?! Too cute kiddo, too cute!

        5. Jillian
          March 9, 2015 / 1:20 pm

          she seems like SUCH a happy baby! and she looks just like matt! so cute. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

        6. Cassie Eliya
          March 9, 2015 / 1:21 pm

          That picture of daddy and in the matching sweater… OH MY! I guess she does look like him! Love these updates!! I can't wait to do them one day, I'm 14 weeks today and loving it!!

        7. Shelby @ Making Waves
          March 9, 2015 / 1:26 pm

          This is precious! I showed my husband the picture of Caroline at Rita's ice and he laughed and in the most genuine voice said "Oh man, I can't wait for that someday!" What a sweet, funny little girl!

        8. Meghan
          March 9, 2015 / 1:28 pm

          Omg for the amount she's eating she's still so tiny! I had a huge chunker of a baby (95th percentile)! I guess it's because of all that crawling she's doing! And yes eating out gets so hard! Going out with a newborn is so much easier but first time moms (at least I was) are usually nervous to go out with them at the beginning. My advice, enjoy eating while it's easy! At 2 1/2 it's a total crap shoot whether my son will be happy to sit and eat or just want to get out of the high chair and walk around the whole time! Booths where I sit next to him and block him in are now my friend cause he has a little freedom while he's still contained.

        9. Jess Scott
          March 9, 2015 / 1:33 pm

          Oh my gosh, she is SO cute and so full of life!!! I can't wait to see her as a big sister!! Do you know what you're having? I am losing track with all of these pregnant bloggers!

        10. Shannon @ Sweet Tea Sippin' on Mayberry
          March 9, 2015 / 1:45 pm

          Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful and happy little girl. She defiantly seems to keep you and your husband on your toes lol Happy Monday!

        11. Simply LKJ
          March 9, 2015 / 4:10 pm

          She is adorable, and definitely keeping mom and dad on their toes.

        12. Jenny Morgan
          March 9, 2015 / 4:14 pm

          Oh my word, she is such a doll!!!!

        13. Amy
          March 9, 2015 / 5:36 pm

          Oh my gosh!! She is so darn cute!! My Avery is 10 months old as well and she loves our little walk behind toy too and she LOVES to eat as well. Even if Avery's already eaten and you have a snack or food, she will scream until you give her some of yours. Ha. She's always hungry!! This is why she weighed 20 lbs. at her 9 month check-up!

        14. LHWinstead
          March 9, 2015 / 5:40 pm

          I absolutely love your monthly pictures, Caroline is such a doll!! I love her smile! That video is so sweet, too!!

        15. Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey
          March 9, 2015 / 6:31 pm

          Ahh! She is on the go go go!! Sooo sweet though!!! For us & her at least! Lol!

        16. Bekah Walsh
          March 9, 2015 / 7:16 pm

          What a cutie! And such energy! You've got your work cut out for you 🙂

        17. PolkaDottyPlace
          March 9, 2015 / 8:35 pm

          She's adorable!! I laughed that one of her favorite toys is a fresh roll of toilet paper. My daughter loves that and boxes of kleenex. Caroline's kitchen is adorable – great find! Eating out will get easier – I promise! She'll learn to be fine in the high chair, enjoy coloring/eating the crayons and love having her own cup and food. Don't give up!! I also love that her bows are getting bigger right along with her!! Southern girls are so sweet. Thanks for the update 🙂

        18. rox
          March 10, 2015 / 12:28 am

          Caroline is seriously BEYOND adorable. And her crazy little personality makes her even MORE adorable! What a mess! Sweet girl! I love watching that video. Her noises crack me up!! AHHHH! Precious girl! GAH! I'm SO READY for Conner to be born so I can start loving on him!!!

        19. Abby Blanton
          March 10, 2015 / 1:28 am

          She's just the sweetest – and boy does she look like her daddy! Too cute 🙂

        20. Ashley {Word on the Streets}
          March 10, 2015 / 2:22 am

          Happy 10 months, sweet Caroline! She is just the cutest! And probably so close to walking!!

        21. Elizabeth
          March 10, 2015 / 4:40 pm

          Happy 10 Months little one!! I have a 10 month old too and she is just as wild and crazy! Surprised to hear she's having eggs and peanut butter, out pediatrician said 1…Can't wait for her to try them both out!! We love our Inglesina Fast table chair for restaurants, it hooks right on and makes her level with us at the table and as an added bonus she can go on the inside of the booth which is so great! We eat out so often and it works so well, one of the best things we bought, try it out!! We just keep it in the car so if we go to a friends house we have it for there too it holds up to 37lbs so it will last a long time!

        22. Traci
          March 10, 2015 / 9:09 pm

          So sweet! I think she looks so much like you in these pictures!

        23. ChalkSouthernToMe
          March 11, 2015 / 1:31 am

          I love these posts! You are a superstar momma and Caroline Grace is so lucky to have a mother like you! Xo, Stephanie

        24. Caley-Jade Rosenberg
          March 11, 2015 / 7:53 am

          Haha, she looks too innocent to be a monster 🙂 My little SJ was the same – an absolute terror as soon as she was mobile but Ellie seems to be more relaxed… I can't believe how teeny little Caroline is, Ellie is almost 3kgs heavier and 7cm taller! I can't believe how much she looks like Daddy in that pic – wow! x

        25. Jess
          March 13, 2015 / 11:45 pm

          Wow, she's teeny tiny!! Is her doctor concerned at about her weight or height???

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