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A Spooky Supper Club | October 2020

October was my month to host Supper Club this year! I’ve hosted lots of dinner parties with these ladies over the past 6 years but this year’s spooky theme may have been my favorite (although my Favorite Things Gift Exchange was a close second)! One of the best parts about Supper Club for me is going all out once a year with a special dinner. I put a lot of thought and planning into my menu and tablescapes which usually consists of lots of fresh flowers (I’ll never be able to beat my floral table runner) and decided to do something different for October! I wanted our dinner party to be spooky and moody but still pretty.

Here’s how it turned out…

The Tablescape

For my centerpiece, I laid down some black creepy cloth, added my favorite candle sticks with black taper candles, then I added in dried eucalyptus, dried hydrangeas (from my yard) and lots of dried lavender (which added an amazing fragrance). Once all my flowers were in place, Matt finished off the centerpiece with spider webs and lots of little spiders.

Placesetting Sources

The Menu


I wanted an extra fun cocktail so I grabbed dry ice from the grocery store to add a little smoke to my skeleton pitcher filled with blackberry margaritas (made by Matt!). I love how the cocktails turned out. They were festive and delicious!


For an appetizer, I made a skeleton charcuterie board with lots of snacks. I started with a mini skeleton and mini pumpkin on top of my slate platter then filled it in with lots of goodies.

I grabbed most of my charcuterie board items from Trader Joe’s which included 3 types of meats (prosciutto, salami and capocollo), ghost chips, candy corn, caramel popcorn, fruit (dried apricots & blackberries), cranberry covered goat cheese log, a few types of crackers (water crackers, sweet potato crackers, fig crackers) and sprinkled in a few spiders for extra creepiness.


After falling in love all over again with my lasagna soup, I knew I wanted to serve it for dinner this year. It’s so easy to make and really is amazing. I also made a fall pear salad and baked some rolls to go alongside the soup. I got lots of compliments on the delicious cornbread swirls too. I just discovered these a few months ago and they are insanely amazing — and straight from a can!


The dessert cups were the perfect treat following dinner. In wine glasses, I layered chocolate pudding, whipped cream (with crushed oreos mixed in), and a thick layer of crushed oreos…then finished it off with a spider! These were a huge hit and everyone loved them.

Although we were missing two of our girls, it was SO nice to all be back together!

My Previous Supper Clubs

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Tuesday 27th of October 2020

i have loved this blog for years but was shocked by the above picture.


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

I have to say I was shocked as well. I read it the whole time hoping that everyone would be seated at separate tables and would be pictured wearing masks. Christina, I LOVE your blog. I don't see anything wrong with getting together outdoors with friends right now - provided you do so responsibly. This wasn't it and I'm sad to say I'm disappointed.

Julie Ford

Monday 26th of October 2020

Christina's blog is my all-time favorite-so many wonderful ideas and information. It is obvious that she is a beautiful person both inside and out, who loves her family and friends. It is ridiculous that people would feel the need to leave such rude comments when it is their choice whether to read the blog post or not.


Monday 26th of October 2020

Those dessert glasses look incredible!!! Also I have to ask, where are your gold hoop earrings from? I've been looking for a similar pair. Love following your supper clubs!

Roz Cody

Monday 26th of October 2020

Caroline, your followers will always follow you! I am from Tennessee (followEd your blog way back ..right before you got married) and look forward to all your blogs.

You ARE a great role model, inspiration and have so much LOVE for your family and Friends.

I thank you for sharing your journey and know you’re making choices that are right for you and your families. I enjoy all your adventures, laughter and the kindness you express in your blogs.

Continue being yourself!

Freedom 🇺🇸 Freedom 🇺🇸

So thrilled y’all had a fantastic time. Everything is beautiful and looks scrumptious.


Monday 26th of October 2020

hi ladies blow me away with every supper club gathering! y'all should seriously consider making a book with menus, table set-ups and decorating, rules of the supper club, tips, etc., to inspire others. They are always nothing short of fabulous and what a great way to spend time with friends!!! 🥂❤️🍽