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Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! Sorry for the radio silence — it’s been a busy week! My mom flew into town on Wednesday and yesterday I had a revision surgery. If you’re new here, I had a prophylactic double mastectomy four years ago to reduce my breast cancer risk down to 1%. It was quite the journey but totally worth it. Over the years I’ve lived with some implant discomfort and often experience fleeting pain across my chest from the sub-muscular placement (which my surgeon no longer performs), but after the Natrelle recall was announced this summer, I was motivated to finally have them replaced. Anyway, surgery went great and although I was super upset over waking up with two surgical drains (seriously THE worst), I am recovering really well — well enough to write this post when I got home from the hospital (I blame any spelling/grammar errors on the meds)…

1. Whole30 Light

Since I won’t be cleared to workout for awhile, Matt and I started Whole30 – Light on Monday. I call it the “light” version because we work in a cheat meal on Sundays after church and we drink on the weekends. (I am fully aware that it 100% against the rules, but it is the only way to ensure Matt and I can stick with the diet without going crazy.) We followed this light version back in January and both of us got into the best shape of our lives…and then slowly throughout summer we started packing the pounds back on. So now we’re doing another reset before the holidays! For the 5 people that care, below is our meal plan this week. My only gripe is that this diet requires a lot of cooking. However, I do double every meal so we can eat leftovers for lunch the following day. Also, there are definitely days I come home from work and am too tired to cook so the meal plan goes out the window and we instead eat scrambled eggs for dinner. Oh, and these are our absolute favorite meals on Whole30, so it’s a high probability that all 4 weeks will follow this meal plan. 

whole30 week 1 meal plan

2. Lash Extensions

I got a full classic set of cat eye lashes from Deka Lash — Strawberry Hill and have never felt more fabulous without mascara. The studio is super cute & sleek, my lash artist (Katelyn) was sweet & knowledgeable and the process was so relaxing — and I left with gorgeous, luscious lashes! Deka Lash is offering Carolina Charm readers $20 off (!!!) an initial set of classic lashes with code CHRISTINA20.

Lipstick (color: cruisin) // Lipgloss (color: rosewood) // Waffle Knit Henley Top

3. Caroline’s Room

We have been working hard on Caroline’s room! Last weekend I changed out all of the knobs on her Ikea dresser with these gorgeous marble and gold knobs and we had her wallpaper installed! This room is coming together more beautifully than I could have dreamed for Caroline. She has been adorable about it too and is adamant about not moving in until it’s completely finished — and we’re so close!

4. Fairy Tales Hair Care

I’ve been on the hunt for (sulfate and paraben free) hair products for Caroline to manage her curls better and was excited when Fairy Tales reached out recently and offered us some products to try. I requested the Curly-Q line for our curly girl and although it’s only been a few days of using them we are big fans — and now I’m using the products too. All of the products smell heavenly and the Tangle Tamer Detangler Spray is truly magic. We also received the Rosemary Repel Lice Prevention line which many of you swear by! Anyway, we really liked the products we received and so I wanted to share them with you all — although from the many messages I received it sounds like I’m the last one to the Fairy Tales party.

You can find Fairy Tales product lines here: Amazon // Target // Walmart

5. Amazon Leopard Love

I am obsessed with the leopard trend this season and cannot get enough of this print right now! Here is a round up of some fun leopard fashion finds from Amazon!

1. Twisted Head Wraps 2. Large Tote Duffle Bag 3. Infinity Scarf 4. Apple Watch Band 5. Fleece Blanket 6. Low Top Sneakers 7. Lightweight Leather Earrings 8. Loafer Flats  9. Wedge Sneakers 10. Leather Circle Key Ring 11. Tumbler Travel Mug 12. Fanny Pack Belt 13. Belt  14. Headbands 15. Hanging Toiletry Bag 16. Wedge Sandals 17. Insulated Lunch Tote 18. Wet Brush 19. Chunky Heel Sandal

Happy weekend, friends!

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Sunday 22nd of September 2019

Has the revision been easier than the first implantation? I haven’t pulled the trigger on replacing my Natrelle implants yet. Ugh...recovery is the pits! Hope all is smooth sailing for you!!


Sunday 22nd of September 2019

Ah friend, I am so sorry that you had to have full surgery again but so excited for you for the change! Praying for a speedy recovery and full healing! Good luck for your Whole 30 - I'm starting a new eating regime tomorrow, and I have to be honest, I am terrified! x


Friday 20th of September 2019

I heard about the recall, but not Natrelle specifically! Did your surgeon let you know or did you just read about it. Glad I saw this, I just left a VM for mine to call me back!


Friday 20th of September 2019

One of my readers actually reached out to me and told me!!


Friday 20th of September 2019

So glad you won't have that pain anymore!! I'm on Day 20 of Whole that y'all call it Whole 30 Light because that's exactly what I've been doing. Momma can't go without alcohol ALL the time! :) I've been surprised at how easy the eating has been (after the first several days). I think I'll probably continue even after the 30 days with a couple of cheat meals each week. It's taught me a lot! If nothing else, I drink my coffee differently, I don't have wine every night and I've learned I CAN survive without cheese. Good luck!! And hope your recovery is speedy and pain free.

p.s. The carrot cake Lara bars are delish if you have a sweet craving


Friday 20th of September 2019

Thank you Sara!!! I drink my coffee differently ever since our first round of W30 earlier this year too! Adding carrot cake bars to my grocery list!!!


Friday 20th of September 2019

Obsesssssssed with all your leopard finds and I’ve never given up on my leopard love these past few years! To me, it’s the ultimate super fun neutral, that you can incorporate a little of into each outfit! Anyways, did you have the recalled textured implants and just switch them out for smooth ones? And did you have them placed over the muscle this time, instead of under? I know sooo many previvors doing that now. Mine were placed over the muscle initially, during my mastectomy and I’ve loved it. My plastic surgeon refuses to go under muscle at all. I’ve seen and heard horror stories about all the “unders”, now having regret and wanting revision surgery. Well, happy recovery! At least this one’s easier. The drains are seriously the worst though! Hopefully yours will be out in a few days! :)


Friday 20th of September 2019

I agree — leopard is the perfect neutral!!!

YES — placed OVER the muscle this time and they feel SO SO different now. My surgeon won’t go under the muscle anymore for ALL the reasons I complained about in my revision consult with him — he said lots of mastectomy patients are getting theirs redone, which doesn’t surprise me. I also went down a significant amount of ccs and my surgeon reconstructed the entire pocket so even though I’m in recovery pain, they feel more comfortable!!! I swapped out for the cohesive implant.