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Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I am SO looking forward to pizza & family movie night on our porch tonight! What should we watch?!

1. Amazon Supplies List

I was so touched by all of the emails I received in response to last week’s Five on Friday post about the students who may get left behind with remote learning this fall. I had several requests to share ways to help if I learned of any opportunities, and I have one to share that really tugged my heart strings…

One of my longtime readers, Lauren, reached out with a recommendation to get in touch with local library branches to see what needs they may have since their budgets are so limited. Lauren is the branch library manager of the Ferguson Branch Library in Gastonia, which is located within a community center serving a low socio-economic/high parental incarceration population. Since libraries are still closed to the public, she has been creating weekly take-home activity packs/crafts to hand out at the meal-site location where parents can pick up lunches for their elementary aged children daily. Lauren shared how many of these children don’t have basic crafting supplies such as glue sticks or scissors at home. Her hope is that not only will the weekly activity be a source of fun for them, but also provide STEM focused learning opportunities.

I replied back to Lauren and asked if she had an Amazon Wish List I could purchase from and requested her permission to also share it with my readers looking to help these children during this crucial time. I know it would help her tremendously in putting together these activities packs if you could buy even just a glue stick. You can find the Amazon Wish List HERE!

2. Initial Outfitter Masks

I wanted to feature another set of masks we recently received. This is our third set of masks for our family and every single set has been completely different and we’ve liked them all for different reasons. These washable masks are from Initial Outfitters and are super comfortable, breathable and include a removable/replacement filter. All of the cute patterns come in adult and kid sizes. And they can be personalized!!! Check out Chelsea’s Instagram account for more information!

3. Goodr Sunglasses

I received the Goodr sunglasses you all raved about for running and they are just as awesome as promised! They don’t slip off my face, don’t fog up, don’t bounce — they are perfect. And they are polarized. And pink. If you emailed me or left me a comment recommending these — THANK YOU!

And while we’re on the topic of outdoor exercising, I have to tell y’all that I have been experiencing some major anxiety lately while running past dogs after I was attacked by a ginormous fluffy black dog (I have no clue what kind of breed it was) while rollerblading a few weeks ago. The dog was on leash and when I saw it approaching me I moved completely off the sidewalk and into the grass to let them pass by. The lady walking the dogs (there were actually two dogs) saw my hesitation to share the sidewalk with her dogs so she pulled them into the street and gave me a little wave signaling I could get back on the sidewalk. Mistake. As I passed by, one of the two dogs abruptly lunged from the street across the grass and grabbed my left leg! Thankfully, the lower teeth were stopped by the top of my rollerblade but the upper teeth went straight through my leggings piercing my skin. It was awful but the wound has been healing quicker than I thought it would, although there’s definitely a scar forming. Anyway, I now have PTSD around dogs — no matter the size/breed/fluff/color/etc. And I’m on extra high alert if my kids are with me around dogs.

4. Outdoor Office

I moved my office outside to the porch this week! It’s been such a nice change of scenery from the dirty kitchen where I stare at piles of laundry and dishes all day. It’s usually pretty nice outside early in the morning and in the late afternoon but the lunch hour is definitely HOT.

5. Easy Weekday Dinner

This week we had some pretty delicious dinners, but this one was probably the easiest — baked salmon on top of a Caesar salad (from a kit)! It took probably 15 minutes to toss together.

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Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Did you go to the doctor???? Just curious! ...and what did the lady say??????????


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

What an amazing way to support your local library, and allowing them to support and help so many kids too! I'm so sorry about your dog attack my friend, that is so scary! x


Monday 27th of July 2020

Ugh, I feel you on the dog PTSD! I was bit in the eye by a dog when I was 10 and still have tremendous anxiety around larger dogs. Luckily it only got my upper and lower eyelids and missed my eyeball. It was traumatizing.

I'm also curious to hear how your family has adjusted to a summer schedule with camp/daycare/working from home (sorry if you already gave an update on this!). We're sending my daughter back to daycare next Monday and while I'm apprehensive, we are very very ready and it is absolutely necessary for us to function as good parents.

Cathy C Reeves

Friday 24th of July 2020

Hello, We are planning on building a screened in porch. I’m wondering what your white boards are made of on your porch. Are they real wood or are they made out of pvc? You didn’t paint them did you? I’ve seen many porches made using boards like this, but I haven’t seen them at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Thanks!!


Friday 24th of July 2020

I am so sorry about the dog. I have never been bit but am a nervous Nellie. I am always amazed when people don’t recognize that. Our beaches are dog friendly and I hate when they sneak up from behind. Have a great weekend.