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Gift Guide For Him {Husbands, Brothers, etc.}

(Dear Matt. If you are reading this, STOP NOW!) 


Out of all the wish list posts I’ll scour this season my favorite ones are filled with gift ideas for men. Why are they so hard to shop for? Matt always says he wants the lamest things too — work clothes, ties, socks, etc. I usually make those items stocking stuffers and keep my ears peeled throughout the year for items he says he likes. Anyway, I put together a list of gifts Matt has received (not just from me) over the years that he’s really, really loved. So most of these items are tried and true favorites. The rest are items I found on his 2015 Amazon wish list along with a few things I’ve heard him say he wants!

The Man Wish List

TV Sound Bar: I picked this up on Black Friday for Matt. What is it with guys and TV gadgets? I totally don’t understand sound bars and had to get my tech savvy brother-in-law to pick one out.

Dolce & Gabana Light Blue Cologne: If your man doesn’t wear cologne, maybe he would if you picked one out for him! Matt didn’t really wear it until I surprised him with a bottle a few years ago and now he loves it. He’s been wearing Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for awhile but I thought it would be fun to change things up.

Titleist Golf Balls: This is a Christmas staple for Matt. Usually my mom stocks him up on golf balls and golf course gift cards.

Yeti Tumbler: New item that I am still planning to purchase for lots of guys in my family BUT they are sold out everywhere or backordered!!! Help!

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon: I left a bottle of this in the closet along with a little note for Matt a few weeks ago after I caught Matt reading this 5 Best Bourbons article. Big hit. And while checking out of ABC the cashier told me that this is a favorite among “the more experienced bourbon drinkers.”

Fit Bit: Because who doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution to get more fit? 

Men’s Trunk Club: Matt has literally been talking about wanting this forever but it’s out of our gift exchange limit. Maybe one day!

Poker Set: Many, many, many uses out of this over the years!

LL Bean Moccasin Slippers: Another annual staple under the tree for each person in the family!

Grilling Tool Set: Or anything for the grill!

Fire Pit: If you already have a fire pit or want to get a fun new accessory I highly recommend Fireside Fishing Poles!

Titleist Hat: Or grab a hat of your man’s favorite sports team!

Amazon Fire Stick: A great gift for Netflix binge watching.


Survival Kit in a Can // Ties or Bow Ties // Golf Tees // Bluetooth Shower Speaker // Just a Drop // Socks // Jason Aldean CD // Hair Styling Pomade // Metal Collar Stays // Pocket Ref // Pocket Knife // Man Soap // Survival Pocket Tool // Portable Charger // Sipping Stones // Cards Against Humanity // Moscow Mule Mug

What are you getting the men in your life? I always am looking for more ideas!



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Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

We went to Kentucky this past summer to do the bourbon trail and I am the newest convert. Four Roses is so smooth and as a new bourbon drinker I can manage it just on the rocks. My husband who had his favorites set in stone has picked Four Roses up again and again. Great choice! We also just heard about those Yeti tumblers - so cool!


Monday 7th of December 2015

Fireside fishing poles are the absolute cutest things I've ever seen. Thank you so much for posting about them. I've never seen them, and have already shared them with my husband.


Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Anthony got my family obsessed with yetis this summer and they all have the regular and smaller sized tumblers now! AMazon and REI carry them!


Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Thanks for the great list! I was able to buy a YETI tumbler online from Ace Hardware for in store pickup. Good luck!

Lizzie Somerset

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Christina this is a great list, I especially love the box of golf balls my brother Tom is a mad golf player and he would love these and the cap too! If you like (and have the time) I'd love it if you'd link this list up to #CityCountryLife? #shameless plug I know, but since I only have 2 linkers I'm coming forward into vulnerability to ask. This week's topic is Christmas Shopping and we'd love to have you along. Lizzie xo