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Long Weekend Rewind | February 2023

We had a great long weekend filled with house stuff, new friends, and so much more. Let’s rewind it!


On Friday afternoon, Atreum gave me the best surprise — they (temporarily) pulled ALL the protective paper off all the hardwood floors and swept up all the dust before they wrapped up for the weekend! It made such a huge difference getting the dusty paper and debris off the first floor! And seeing our pretty hardwood floors instantly made our home feel SO much less like a construction site and so much more like HOME!

So before the kids and Matt got home from school, I mopped the whole house, and for the first time…it actually felt like we could walk around barefoot in our home and not track footprints of construction dust up the stairs. While the kitchen isn’t finished, it definitely feels so much closer now and I love, love, love it!


Friday night we had our first Family Movie Night in our new home! Our new house has a GREAT playroom space for the kids so we’ve set that room up as our temporary “family room” until construction is complete on the new family room. Our couch doesn’t fit through the doorframe so Caroline and I pushed two of our Circle Room chairs together to make a little couch boat and we lucked out with the best blanket in the house — super cozy and comfortable.

Oh, and for our FMN treat, my friend (and former boss) who lives in the neighborhood surprised us with a bag of movie night treats for our first FMN! Is that not the cutest welcome gift?



We spent most of Saturday cleaning, unpacking, and organizing while the kids played outside with their new neighborhood friends!

Late Saturday afternoon, Matt dropped Thomas off at a sleepover while I got Caroline ready for the neighborhood daddy-daughter dance! Our longtime friends (and former neighbors, now new neighbors — again!), Bobby & McKinsey, hosted a pre-dance party at their home and it was so fun meeting new families!

Matt and Caroline had an absolute BLAST at the dance.

Caroline ran around all night with a big group of girls (several of which she’s been hanging out with after school each day since we moved in)! It has filled my heart with unbelievable joy to watch her push herself outside of her comfort zone to meet new friends since we moved in. She was so nervous to move to a new neighborhood and make new friends — and within a week she’s already made four third-grade girlfriends on our street!


Late Sunday morning we picked up Thomas and headed to Ikea to shop for a playroom couch! The couch we liked (the Kivik) was out of stock so we left with a few random things and ended up purchasing a sectional sofa from Amazon instead! Since a few of you said you were also in the market for a playroom couch, I will report back on how we like it when ours is delivered and set up!

Sunday evening we had some family stop by to visit and see the new house!

And for dinner we had our FIRST non-takeout meal in over a week — hamburgers! It felt so dang good to finally eat a dinner made by us in our home!


Everyone was home for Presidents Day! And our house went back to construction mode for the week. However, it was painting and tile day which was really exciting! I cannot wait to see what the kitchen looks like by the end of the week! It’s moving so fast now!

Matt and I spent most of the day cleaning up as much dust as possible (the construction dust has been pretty miserable to live with) working on house projects, unpacking more boxes, and finding homes for all the things!

Meanwhile, the kids spent the entire day playing with their new neighborhood friends which I freaking love SO much. My heart almost bursts with happiness every time they come running through the door with their friends, or when I spot their little biker gang ride by the front of the house. It is seriously so great and is exactly what we had hoped for them when we picked this neighborhood!

And that was a wrap on our long weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

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Tuesday 21st of February 2023

That is precious that your kids have made so many neighbor friends already!! I lived on a small street growing up and I was 4-6 years older than all the other kids. We would still play together and I have fond memories from that time, but I always wished to live on a street with kids closer in age to me. That is such a gift for Caroline and Thomas! :)

xoxo A