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Mother’s Day Weekend Rewind

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!!!


We ordered Dominos pizza for dinner and watched Bedtime Stories (because it features a guinea pig) for Family Movie Night! And we polished off Caroline’s birthday cake for our dessert. After the kids went to bed we had a Zoom double date playing CodeNames with my bestie Shannon and her boyfriend. Afterwards I jumped into bed and watched Dateline while Matt hung out with his friends from high school via Zoom.


Saturday we grabbed McDonalds for breakfast and hit the road for a day in the forest! After a 90 minute drive from Charlotte we arrived to South Mountains State Park to hike High Shoals Falls. The park is only allowing 50% capacity right now so we waited in line for about 30 minutes to get in (it’s 1 car in, 1 car out). We had the most fun day hiking the 2.5 mile course, even though Matt twisted his ankle halfway through the hike. Thankfully, he was able to power through the rest of the hike up to the waterfall which was absolutely stunning.


Matt whipped up a delicious egg scramble with goat cheese for breakfast and I spent the morning blogging. Then I met my friend Michelle for a rollerblading date on the Rail Trail. We were both so excited to break in our new rollerblades. There may or may not have been a tumble with a few scrapes, but we had a really fun afternoon rollerblading.

Later that afternoon, Matt and the kids surprised me with the most thoughtful gifts. Every year Matt always gifts me a spa day for Mother’s Day but since the spa won’t be open for awhile he surprised me with gifts to have a spa day a home — a new bath caddy, a set of luxurious bath bombs, candles and a bath pillow.

Matt made burgers for dinner and we snapped a family picture (because we needed to document Thomas’s hair cut he gave himself before we buzz it). Then I poured a glass of wine and retreated to my “spa night” while Matt put the kids to bed.

It was an amazing weekend and I am so thankful to be the mama of Thomas and Caroline (and wife to Matt)!

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Ashley V

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

How do you do it all???? Looking adorbs? And your husband WORSHIPS you? I so wish I had this in my life. You seek out the joy,and I am in awe of how you have it all. I live in CLT in Mountainbrook. I just turned 30 with 2 sets of twins (7 and 6...I know...Irish get it, right??? I was so surprised to be preggers with 3 month BOY twins...btw...the other twins BOYS as well....lots of boys in the house! It's wild for sure...I also just found out I am preggers with #5 (an oops...and it's a boy as well! 5 BOYS!) I just look at you and want what you have. SO, SO envious with that Matt of yours. Husband of the year for sure. Please share any tips for relationships that don't look like your backyard, doting husband, and beautiful life. Sighhhh...I am so jealous. Sorry hormones from being pregnant with another sweet boy!


Monday 11th of May 2020

Love South Mountain SP! I need some pizza in my life...the last few posts I have read from other bloggers have mentioned pizza!


Monday 11th of May 2020

Happy Mother's Day to you!! I've been on that hike before- it's so beautiful! Glad y'all got to do it!

xoox A