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Weekend Rewinds!

Our last two weekends (and the week in between) have been so eventful that I thought I’d cram it all into a quick recap! In case you just want the highlights/lowlights: I’m in Florida right now to see my dad. Caroline just recovered from a terrible virus (possibly her worst one yet). Thomas had a successful tubes surgery. Lindsey came to visit.

Right after my double mastectomy I received the most thoughtful gift from the sweet ladies at the daily details, the most beautiful beauty bar in Uptown Charlotte! Two weekends ago I finally got the chance to cash in my gift and check out this amazing new place! I enjoyed a blow out and got my eyebrows tinted for the first time ever (and am now obsessed!)!

A huge thank you to Kiri for treating me to such a relaxing morning!

Later that night Matt and I attended one of the most fun weddings ever at the Charlotte City Club. We danced the night away and stayed out way past our bedtime. It was awesome…until the next day when we had to be parents. Lesson learned. 

The following week Caroline was sent home Wednesday from school and was out the rest of the week. We took her to the doctor for what I was certain was hand, foot, mouth but doctor said she just has a nasty virus with severe mouth sores. She was in so much pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, was on Motrin/Tylenol around the clock and was on a popsicle and ice cream diet for 3 loooooong days. Everything hurt her mouth sores and she
was just overall excessively irritable. I also think her two year molars
popped through around the same time so wow, it was one heck of a week. Oh, and Lindsey came to Charlotte for a quick work trip and got a front row seat of our wild show.

On Thursday, Matt’s mom thankfully came in to town to watch Caroline while we were with Thomas for his surgery on Friday morning!

Thomas rocked his surgery and we were home just a few hours later.  The doctor said Thomas had so much fluid built up in his ears and it was so thick there was no way antibiotics would have ever cleared it. Oh, and that he’s probably been in pain for awhile. Cue the mama and daddy guilt for not pushing for tubes sooner.

After a long snooze on mama he awoke back to his normal self! We were amazed that he didn’t require any Motrin or Tylenol either! The rest of the day he chased his sister, laughed, ate like a champ and went back to his normal routine! Such a rock star. 

By Saturday morning Caroline was finally feeling better so we visited the children’s museum. Grandad and Mimi came too.

The kids were so worn out from running around the museum that they came home and took solid naps.

That night Matt had planned a surprise date night for us as my Mother’s Day gift! He lined up a fantastic afternoon for me too – manicure/pedicure, a blow out and then reservations for dinner! Seriously, how did I get so lucky?!

For weeks I annoyed him with questions like “how far away is the restaurant? have we been before? what should I wear? what kind of food?” He would respond with the most bizarre answers to keep me guessing too. So when our uber pulled up to Passion8 I was unbelievably excited (and impressed) that he was able to surprise me with a completely NEW place we’d never been before…just a few minutes from our house too!

It was then that I pulled out a little surprise I had up my sleeveCouples Table Topics! It’s not unlike us to be out on a romantic date night only to find ourselves recapping work projects, hashing out to-do lists, discussing our kiddos, etc. Matt had put so much work into a perfect date night that I wanted to make sure we really spent the entire time enjoying each other over meaningful (and super fun and funny) conversations.

We arrived to the restaurant an hour before our reservation so we could sit at the bar for drinks and appetizers. During that time we asked each other question after question. Each question would send us on long tangents filled with fun memories, hilarious stories and thoughtful discussions.

After pushing our reservation back (a few times) we finally decided to grab our table and continue our questions!

The food was unreal. We started with their infamous calamari (tossed in jalepeno honey citrus butter), fried duck bruschetta and duck fat fries. For our entrees I ordered the stuffed chicken and Matt ordered the ribeye. We were beyond impressed with everything!

Matt knocked this date night out of the park.

Last night I jumped on a plane for a very quick trip to Florida. My dad has recently been in and out of the hospital after coming down with a nasty cold and although he is back home trying to get healthy he is definitely in a little slump and everyone is worried. So after seeing Thomas rebound so quickly from his procedure I booked a trip home. I arrived late last night and my dad thought I was my sister when I walked through the door. He was completely stunned and speechless. For hours he just stared at me in disbelief that I am even here!

So today and tomorrow I’ll be spending some time with him (and also nagging him to follow the doctor’s orders)!



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