Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! It's been a good but busy week and I couldn't be more thrilled for the weekend ahead. Matt and I have lots of chores on the books this weekend like trimming bushes, cleaning our deck and patio, scrubbing outdoor furniture down and all sorts of other fun house projects to get ready for Caroline's party next weekend. Let's hope that the 100% chance of rain forecasted for tomorrow is a joke so our guests don't all walk away with green bottoms next weekend.

Also, a little announcement - starting in May (which is next week!) I will be taking a summer break from the Five on Friday link-up and will also be blogging less frequently. As the days of a family of 3 quickly count down I want to make sure I'm spending extra time with my people this summer! Don't worry, I'll still be popping in with important updates (liiiiiike, Caroline's birthday party, our family beach vacation, my growing belly and of course the highlight of the summer - the birth of Thomas). But outside of those things I don't want to feel committed to the blog during this season. You can always keep up with me on instagram though!

Okay, on to the (last) five for awhile...

- ONE - It's Teacher Appreciation Week! To make sure Caroline's teachers felt extra loved I wanted to bring them a little something, so I bagged up some store bought sugar cookies, added a quick printable and finished the goodie bags off with a ribbon. Super easy and cost me all of $6 for 3 teachers. Oh, and they loved it.
 - TWO - Last weekend Matt and I attended a gorgeous wedding at my favorite venue in Charlotte, The VanLandingham Estate. I've been sitting on a blowout gift card since last September and finally cashed it in for the event. I honestly cannot remember the last time I broke away for some "me time", not because I don't have the time but because I really hate being away from Matt and the muffin during our weekends. We pretty much do everything as a family of 3 on the weekends from oil changes to grocery store trips. Anyway, my blowout pampering session was probably the most relaxing 30 minutes I've had in months! And it lasted for days and looked quite good in my opinion...(THANKS MOM)!
- THREE - I've been dropping off meals to a handful of new mamas the past few weeks. In addition to the dinner for the night, I like to sneak in a second homemade frozen meal for them to slide into their freezer for after their meal train slows down. I remember a few girlfriends doing this for me and it was the nicest surprise ever! For my freezer meals I broke out my cute Carolina Charm recipe cards that my friend McKinsey had made for me last year for my birthday. How adorable are these?!
- FOUR - I have no clue how this happened but last Sunday I woke up and saw my instagram feed flooded with reminders about Lilly for Target. I hopped on the mobile website (which is terrible, by the way) and somehow was able to score a little something for me and a little something for Caroline. I couldn't believe it seeing how there were probably 2345394623423 Lilly lovers ahead of me that morning emptying out the online inventory. Anyway, these types of tunics rarely fit my petite frame (usually way too long or blousy) but I'm hopeful. If it doesn't fit I guess I'll just throw it on ebay for $350. Kidding. I'll return it to Target and make some lucky lady's day.
 - FIVE - I cannot even begin to tell y'all how dang excited I am for next weekend! My sister and Ryan are flying in and my parents are driving up (dad still can't be in airports) for Caroline's birthday party. Since our last trip home was abruptly cancelled due to the flu, I haven't seen my parents since CHRISTMAS which was 5 months ago!!!! I absolutely cannot wait for everyone to arrive...and then put them to work on tissue paper pom poms for Caroline's party - ha! But seriously, the last time my parents were able to come to Charlotte Caroline was this tiny...
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  1. What a great score form the sale. That color will look amazing with your hair! Hope it works out for you. :)

  2. You look beautiful!! Can't believe you're due in a few months, you're looking gorgeous. And that's so thoughtful of you to bring over freezer meals as a surprise to new mamas. I know the last thing I wanted to do was cook after giving birth. Thankfully my husband took up that task very well.

  3. You will definitely be missed in blogland, sweet friend. But I totally understand your reasons for wanting to take a bit of a break - enjoy every second with your sweet girl before your little man arrives! Because everything does change with two, as I am just now learning!!!:) Somehow, I was not keeping up with you on IG, but I am now, and can't wait to see pictures when Thomas arrives, and in the weeks leading up to his birth. It will be here so soon!!! yay!

  4. I love your hair at the wedding! Sounds like you had a well-deserved relaxing spa day (or thirty minutes haha we take what we can get!) Happy weekend!

  5. Friend, you are ON it..... I just remembered this morning that it's teacher appreciation week. Yikes!

    And you look fantastic - so glad you got to sneak away for a few minutes for a blow out and time alone! I have a gift card for a blowout that has been sitting here for 6 months ... good reminder that I need to get one booked!

    Lastly, how is that angel girl almost one? HOW?! Your parents are going to be beside themselves to see her (and how much she has grown). I hope it's a perfect, blessed, wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see pictures from her big day!

    Hugs to you and happy weekend ahead! XO.

  6. You are always so thoughtful towards others - between friends, teachers, nurses, etc I love your ideas!! I also love your recipe cards- I am sure the extra meal is such a blessing to them!! Any favorites you make??

  7. I was able to snag the same blouse! I'm 4'11" and it fits great! Hope you have the same luck!

    1. OH GOOD! I'm also 4'11 and my biggest concern was how long it was on the model! Hopefully it's perfect! Yay!

  8. i love those recipe cards so much! does she have an online shop?

  9. You definitely deserve a little pampering and stepping away for a bit to focus on your family is always a good idea! Please please would you share your recipes for freezer meals for friends? I never know what to bring and would love some suggestions! Thanks!!

  10. aww cookies for teachers and frozen meals for friends -- you are supermom! love your blue dress too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Hope Caroline's birthday went off with a hitch. :)

  12. How cute are you that you're dropping off meals for new mamas?! I seriously love how kind you are to everyone - even being pregnant yourself!! Best mama ever!

  13. TOTALLY missed that Lily promotion. Buuuutttt with little boys, really how much loot can I score?! Enjoy your summer break with the fam, can't wait to hear of little Thomas' arrival!

  14. TOTALLY missed that Lily promotion. Buuuutttt with little boys, really how much loot can I score?! Enjoy your summer break with the fam, can't wait to hear of little Thomas' arrival!

  15. Enjoy every second of being with your sweet family over the next few months! Xo, Stephanie

  16. I will miss your posts during your summer hiatus, but COMPLETELY understand! Enjoy your family time!!!

    Reading about your blowout makes me want another one. I've only had one, and it's high time I have another!

    You are the sweetest friend making those frozen / fresh meals! I was so happy when my friends / family did that for us after Conner's birth. The last thing new mommies have time for is cooking!

    So excited your family is coming up for C's birthday!! Can't wait to read all about it!

    Hope your dad is improving daily! Prayers!

  17. Hey girl! Love the cookie idea! So cute. Not sure how it would go down in the UK, I think the cookies would go down great but we don't tend to give gifts to the teachers! Maybe we should start!! Love, love, love the stickers! It's so amazing that you are cooking these meals for new Mum's it was a huge blessing to us to have meals cooked for us with both of our babies. Loved the post you wrote about it, shame you had to take it down I actually found it super helpful & will be giving my sister a Voucher for a meal out when she delivers in Aug! Her & her husband live 2 hours away so I can still give them a meal without cooking it! I think all of your ideas are so thoughtful. Blessings Lizzie XO


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