Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday!

It's been a crazy week and I couldn't be more ready for a glass of wine in 9.5 hours.

On Tuesday we had a consultation for Thomas to see if he is a good candidate for tubes. Sure enough the doctor peeked into his ears and without hesitation said "yes, next week." So one week from today he'll have surgery and I absolutely cannot wait to see how much relief it provides him. He's pretty much had an ear infection since October and we've done everything to get rid of it including 3 types of antibiotics and several rounds of shots and nothing works.

one. Matt has been hard at work building a retaining wall in our backyard. It's taken him several weekends of labor, 25 Home Depot trips and the help of a friend but it's finally complete and it looks fabulous! And it's filled with some of my favorite flowers - hydrangeas and rhododendron! So proud of the hubby for tackling this project.
two. We've been eating SO well this week thanks to The Naked Pig Meat Co.Recently they offered to send us some products to try and Matt couldn't say YES fast enough. Not only do I love that the farm is local to North Carolina, all of their meat products are free of added antibiotics, hormones, and artificial enhancements and are harvested from healthy and happy animals raised outdoors. 
My favorite meat we received was the pork tenderloin! I threw it in my crockpot with a bottle of Sticky Fingers and let it slow cook all day long. It was so tender and juicy - perfect for pulled pork sandwiches.

Ohhhhh, the bacon! We LOVE bacon in our house. Matt says this was his favorite product review we've ever received. I fried up a pound of bacon over the weekend and have to admit that the quality and freshness was unlike any bacon I've ever purchased from the grocery store. For $7 plus free shipping, I will probably start purchasing all of our bacon from The Naked Pig.

We also enjoyed an awesome fresh pork roast this week too! Thomas was a huge fan!
three. Nothing makes me homesick more than missing a party at my parents house. Last weekend Lindsey threw Ryan an epic surprise 30th "Brews & BBQ" party. She knocked it out of the park and he was completely surprised, especially because she purposely threw the bash a month early so he would totally be caught off guard. 
Lindsey and mom set up an incredible hamburger bar for more than 40 guests.
 And there was a separate table dedicated just for FRENCH FRIES. Told you it was epic!
And last but not least, THE beer cake!
four. Speaking of parties, now that we've celebrated Caroline's birthday (still need to write that post) I am already thinking about Thomas's birthday in July! Since it will be 15 degrees warmer outside I am thinking about having his our friends over for a popsicle party! I love this idea because everyone loves popsicles, not just kiddies...
five. I know I'm covering a LOT of food in this post but I can't help but share delicious things with y'all! Last weekend our friends John and Lisa invited us to a park date and then back to their house for the best grilled cheese I've ever had.
The Yummiest Grilled Cheese Ever: Butter the tops and bottoms of your bread (we used Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal bread - so good)! With the buttered side down, add a layer of provolone cheese, avocado slices, spinach and sprinkle with goat cheese. GRILL (yes, use your grill) until melted and delicious!
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  1. A fry bar?! Ummm yes! Your Dad looks great! Happy weekend!

  2. You and your sister look so much alike I thought it was you!! What an amazing cake!! Have a great weekend!

  3. So much good food! Happy Friday! I hope y'all have a fun weekend!

  4. I cannot get over how much Thomas and your nephew look alike!! The same for you and your sister :) I just may have to steal the fry bar idea!!!!! How clever! Oh and the picture of Thomas and bacon....a man after my own heart!

  5. Happy Friday! So your post definitely made me hungry. OMG, those grilled cheese sandwiches! Luckily it's lunch time :) Beautifully Candid

  6. I totally know what it's like to miss out on family parties because of distance. It's the worst! Happy planning for Thomas's party! The Popsicle theme looks so fun!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  7. So much yummy food!! A fry my stomach is growling. gah! It's always so hard to not be around family, especially when there are special events. I feel ya!

  8. OK that beer cake is INSANE!! And the french fry bar?! to die for. love it!! And kudos to Matt, retaining wall looks great. Also your dad is looking well. :) Glad to see he could join in on the festivities! Have a great weekend!

  9. My gracious girl all this food is making me drool! That birthday party looks great! xo Amanda

  10. Where did you get your romper? It is adorable!

  11. This food all looks so delicious!! We just had a popsicle party for our SJ, it was the best x

  12. I don't know what looks more delicious - the pork BBQ sandwich, the bacon, the grilled cheese or all of that party food! And it's so great to see your dad looks well, too!

  13. Okay, all this food has made me super hungry! I'm a HUGE grilled cheese lover, so I'll definitely be trying out that recipe. Hope you had a blessed weekend!


  14. Poor lil man! I hope the tubes give him some relief. That cake is AMAZING!!

  15. All that meat looks fantastic!! I love putting pork tenderloin in the slow cooker. Easiest meals ever. :) Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Mr. Thomas and his poor ears!!

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