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Christmas Organization & Reminders

Before I sign off for the holiday, I wanted to share some tips, reminders, and our favorite organization items that may be helpful to you for after Christmas…

The Holiday Traditions & Reminders Note

If you have a Holiday Traditions & Reminders note in your phone, don’t forget to update it with anything you’ve learned or want to remember for next year!!!

Last year I gave my 2022 self the BEST gift of updating my note with some SUPER helpful things, including our favorite holiday foods and a FULL GROCERY LIST. When I opened my note this year to start planning our Christmas week treats, appetizers, meals, etc., I had totally forgotten I saved my grocery list from last year. And it truly was the BEST surprise.

For 2023, I’m reminding myself to buy more faux garland (in September), quadruple our Reindeer Nose treats for our friend and neighbors, and noted the exact quantity of Christmas cards we need to order.

Christmas Storage

A few years ago I overhauled all of our Christmas decoration organization. It felt so good to have a sturdy place for every item (less broken ornaments this year!) and made unpacking all the things easier for decorating (I can tackle one box at a time versus searching for tree decor across multiple containers). Here are a few items that we have really loved for organizing our Christmas decor…

  1. Wreath Storage (for front door wreath) and I LOVE these zippered storage cubes for stuffing all of our interior/exterior wreaths in. 
  2. Ornament Storage Box
  3. Tree Storage (up to 9 ft)
  4. Christmas Light Wind Up
  5. Christmas Light Organizer Box
  6. Holiday Storage Box (6 pack)
  7. Pull Out Ornament Storage Box
  8. Wrapping Paper Storage
  9. Ornament Storage Bin
  10. Seasonal Decor Clear Storage Bag
  11. Christmas Bags/Tissue Storage
  12. Tree/Garland Storage

Christmas Ornament Keepsake Idea

Last year one of my friends shared the sweetest story about how her mom gifted her a collection of sentimental ornaments for her first Christmas tree after graduating college. And with each ornament, her mom had included a little note about what made it special.

As soon as I heard this I immediately started this tradition for both kids. We already have a collection going of sentimental ornaments (with dates scribbled on the back in sharpie), but I never thought to include little notes with them to one day pass on to the kids.

So last year, before I packed away all our ornaments I’m jotted down the date and occasion on an index card for the ones I want to one day gift to the kids. I also had the kids jot down the date and occasion on the card too so they can look back at their handwriting one day.

And then I used my laminator machine to protect the cards!

Recordable Story Book Reminder

Lastly, I wanted to remind you that if you have a recordable story book, DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE BATTERIES BEFORE YOU PACK IT AWAY. A few of you messaged me and said your batteries corroded inside your book and it no longer works. If your loved one has passed away who recorded one of these for you, it may be a good idea to take a video of your kids listening to the book or save the audio somewhere else too. 

Alright, in the comments please share your tips, reminders, hacks and more for making next Christmas a little easier…

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Monday 26th of December 2022

I wish the recordable book was available years ago. It is a precious gift to have a loved ones voice who is no longer there. I feel I'd be pulling it out of storage just to hear them. I love that you have that and that you shared it with others so they may have the same gift. On a lighter note, Google drive file...genius!


Monday 19th of December 2022

100% with you on the saving menus and grocery lists! I do it for *every* holiday and save them in Google Docs, which makes it nice because I can send to my parents so they can collaborate, see who’s cooking what, etc. I also do a doc for holiday activities/traditions and even one for tv shows/movies so I can keep track of what we enjoy and where/what streaming service to find it.


Monday 19th of December 2022

I LOVE that your family all uses the google doc for meal planning. Also brilliant to track the movies -- I will definitely be adding that to my google doc! :)