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Five on Friday

Happy 65th day of January!

We’re living in the twilight zone over here with another cold and rainy 4-day school week. This month has felt like the longest ever.

The first half of the week we were awoken every morning around 3 am to the sound of Mabel vomiting…on our bed. After a vet visit, she is now on 4 different medications (administered 2-3 times a day) to address a gastric issue and is finally feeling better. We’re also giving her a “bedtime snack” because it seems a too-empty stomach is a trigger for her. Anyway, I polled y’all for pet insurance recommendations and received lots of requests to share the results so I updated my New Puppy Supplies post with all of them!

In Case You Missed It

A few things I shared this week…

This Week’s Top 5 Reader Favorites

  1. Spanx Booty Boost Leggings: Hands down, my favorite leggings to work out in. I prefer the 7/8 length to the full length. Their sculpting performance fabric is breathable, sweat-wicking and have a built-in booty lift. Worth every penny.
  2. The Pan Scraper: A small but mighty tool I shared we use almost every night to scrape our pans. It works especially well on scraping eggs out of pans!
  3. J.Crew 9″ Vintage Slim-Straight Jean: Love this classic mid-rise style. Available in petite, and tall sizes too!
  4. Pancake Dispenser: For perfect pancakes every time! I love how you can mix the batter right inside the dispenser. It’s easy to clean and also has a shut-off valve that prevents drips.
  5. Easy Off Oven Cleaner: This stuff is extremely powerful so be careful when spraying not to get it on anything outside of your oven!

1. What We Ate This Week for Dinner

As promised, here are the links to all the recipes I made this week for dinner! Our favorite was the mahi tacos — those have been in our dinner rotation forever and are always a hit!

2. Silicone + Sandstone Dish Drying Mat

I was influenced to buy this silicone dish drying mat.

It was one of those items I questioned and thought might be overhyped, but I honestly love it. It’s effective at absorbing water super fast — perfect for those soaking wet plastic items that come out of the dishwasher (like lunch boxes and Tupperware), as well as glassware that needs a little air drying.

I also love that it’s pretty and folds up for easy storage. Is it pricey for a dish mat? YES. However, I have seen it on lightning deal a few times, and other times there’s been a pretty good coupon you can click for a discount at checkout. Either way, I have really enjoyed no longer using dish towels on my counter tops and would truly recommend this. Also, when I posted it on Instagram earlier this week I received a LOT of messages from those of you who have also purchased and love it too.

3. Affogato Espresso Martini

Last weekend I made dessert espresso martinis and they were INCREDIBLE. I started with my Espresso Martini Recipe and added a scoop of ice cream and shaved dark chocolate on top. Absolutely amazing — and would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

4. Little Mama’s

This week Little Mama’s opened their second location right down the street from our house! Matt and I checked it out on opening night and it was delicious! We cannot wait to go back with the kids (they have an amazing kids menu). It’s the perfect family-friendly restaurant — great food, a cool but casual vibe, and good drinks! The meatballs here are GINORMOUS and I highly recommend the goat cheese mascarpone dip to start!

5. Crossbody Bag

Now that I no longer need to tote around a bag of eye stuff for Thomas, I am on a mission to downsize my purse from a massive tote to a crossbody bag. I’ve tried and returned several bags and finally found this ALDO bag on Amazon! It’s the perfect size for my wallet, keys, phone, lip glosses, and hand sanitizer, etc. It reminds me of the Saint Laurent Lou Quilted Camera Bag and I like it so much I purchased it in Other Beige and Black!

Have a great weekend!

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Kaye Dobbs

Friday 26th of January 2024

So glad sweeeet Mabel is on the mend❣️We lost our dog( a rescue) 🌈 in 2014 he was 12, but he had a lot of stomach issues so we started making his food ( LONNNNNG before it was the trend) Our friends thought we were insane😀 , but i tell my husband now, that was our million dollar idea that we should've patented 😀! Now there are TONS that claim to be he best! Our recipe was simply 2-lb simply ground turkey, 2c brown rice & 4-cans or bag of frozen veggies!( which is probably what Farmers Friend & all the others have these days . Our Tuck never had anymore issues & our vet always talked about his healthy skin & beautiful coat! im sure you are hooked up with one of these fresh vendors but if you ever get the urge to make your own..... its a lot of fun! We cooked it once a week/stored in individual containers ( or ziplock bags ) and He INHALED it every night & loved licking the pot😀

Jennifer C.Kahn

Friday 26th of January 2024

We have a poodle mix who would always get sick around 4am with bile. We found the bedtime snack helped a ton. She also had a ton of paw licking and icky poops. Not sure if you have wellness/holistic vet by you, but this was a game changer for us. We keep our primary for vet visits, etc. but ours helped immensly with nutrition. We slowly transitioned her off the kibble the breeder sent us home with and what a game changer. Turns out she had allergies to chicken and other things. Poodles are so sensitive. We are also on a daily probiotic. Our primary vet is not a big fan, but that is to be expected. Always different opinions from vets on food. I am sure Mabel will be better in no time. Cheers!

Jennifer C.Kahn

Friday 26th of January 2024

@Christina, so sensitive. We also have a maltese mix zero issues. Could eat rocks. The Just for Pets probiotic has been awesome. This gal also has some great nutrition tips;


Friday 26th of January 2024

Yes!!! 4 am bile for dayyyys!!! The bedtime snack has helped and we’re investigating her food now AND putting her on a probiotic. My goodness, you are right — SO sensitive!!!


Friday 26th of January 2024

Hi! We had to switch our dogs to Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Food because of ongoing stomach issues. It has helped immensely! You have to have a vet rx for it but then can get it autoship from!


Friday 26th of January 2024

I'm starting to wonder if our food might be the issue too!! Investigating this!! Thank you!!!!!!