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Halloween 2020

Despite the pandemic, this Halloween season was my favorite one yet. The kids are at the most fun age for holidays and their excitement for decor, costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies and more filled my mama heart up more than ever.

A few things I want to remember from our 2020 Halloween season…

Halloween Home Decor

We really got into Halloween decorating this year. Previously all of our fall and Halloween decorations fit into one Tupperware container…and now I think we’ve grown to 3 with lots of new ghosts, faux pumpkins, spiders, skeletons and bats for the house. The kids were SO excited about Halloween decorations this year. In fact, I lost count of the hours we spent over the past month driving around looking at decorations all over town. I swear Charlotteans stepped WAY up with decorating this season and we were here for it! I promised the kids I would stock up on clearance inflatables after Halloween but everything has been totally cleared out and replaced with Christmas already!!

A huuuuuuuuuuge shout out to Matt for suspending all of these spiders from fishing line on the house, climbing into trees to hang ghosts and spreading out all the spider webs on the pokiest holly bushes ever! He is so patient and good at things like this…even if he has to complain a bit at first. Bravo, Matt! Your spiders and ghosts made it ALL month long without falling!

Festive Treats

A few of the festive treats we made this year included SO much Pumpkin Bread (we love to make a loaf for breakfast on the weekends), Pumpkin Dip (our favorite treat to gift our teachers), a Skeleton Charcuterie Board (Supper Club appetizer), Spider Parfaits (Supper Club dessert) and Spooky Ghost Bark for our Halloween Eve Family Movie Night treat!


It was so awesome that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and gave us the whole day to celebrate! We visited the Elizabeth pumpkin wall, went out for lunch, (Matt) carved 3 pumpkins, Caroline and I packaged up lots of individual candy bags and decorated our trick-or-treat table at the end of our driveway, made mummy hot dogs for dinner, dressed up in my favorite family costume yet and trick-or treated! Then we all ate wayyy too much candy. It was perfect.

It was Thomas’s year to pick out our family costume so it came as no surprise when he picked Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!! I would have said Caroline was the best sport for going along with the theme until I was laughing-so-hard-I-could-barely-breathe watching Matt squeeze into his morphin skinsuit. and the suit didn’t have eyeball holes!!!!! WHAT?! He legit couldn’t see out of the face. Dad of the year!

I will say, we really did make Thomas’s dreams come true with this theme though. He couldn’t have been happier which made us all so happy. And now Caroline is already plotting fairy tale themes for 2021.

I was blown away by all the effort and creativity our neighbors put into making trick-or-treating safe and special for the kids. For those who wanted to participate, the instructions were to set up a table at the end of your driveway with individual treat bags. So many neighbors went ALL out — some had full blown tailgates set up with TVs, candy + toy bags, super festive table decorations and my favorite driveway even had beers for the parents. It was so awesome to see how our street came together and I honestly would love to see trick-or-treating stay like this!

Our trick-or-treat table!

Last but not least — Sprinkles! Here were her two costumes this year! She hated them both!

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Monday 9th of November 2020

Amazing Halloween~~ The decoration is so stunning! I love it! The pumpkin dip looks so yum!


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Love it all!!


Monday 2nd of November 2020

Where did you get Thomas' glasses - they are so cute! My son needs a new pair!


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

They are Dilli Dalli glasses and are indestructible!!