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Just the Two of Us

 Name that song! Throwback, right?!
  A few weekends ago Taylor took our annual family photos. The kids were more mobile than ever this year and as a result required extra attention. Thomas was constantly dipping out of our pictures to visit the nearby horses and Caroline was on a mission to collect every piece of gravel she could find on the farm. It was fun, but as always a little chaotic too.

Throughout the mini session I was mentally checking the boxes of all the pictures I wanted to cram into 30 minutes:

Caroline + Daddy — check!

Thomas + Daddy — check!

Caroline + Mommy — check!

Thomas + Mommy — check!

Caroline + Thomas — check!

Caroline + Thomas + Mommy + Daddy — check!

Though we lucked out with the golden hour mini session, this timing also happened to coincide with our witching hour. So at times Thomas was fussy and didn’t want to participate. And Caroline would get bored and wander away. And we were all sweating. It would have been easy to wrap up our shoot at that point but instead Matt and I decided to tune the kiddos out and let them wander (out of Matt’s comfort zone) for a few minutes to capture just us. 

Last year and the year prior I was too caught up in straightening Caroline’s bow, sliding shoes back onto tiny feet and making funny noises to get kids to smile that by the end of the shoot I was exhausted and had completely forgotten to request pictures of just me and Matt. Once again, we’d fallen into the trap of putting the kids first, as always, and each other second (or in this instance, overlooked completely).

But this year Matt and I made a point to capture just us — our marriage, a special separate entity within our family. It only took two minutes to get a few images that we’ll treasure forever. We held hands, locked eyes, smooched and just enjoyed being husband and wife in those brief moments. And we wanted our minis to see us as more than mommy and daddy too.

It’s easy to overlook the handsome man you fell in love with before kids when you’re deep in the trenches of parenthood. This stage is hard and it’s easy to let the kiddos consume you. But we’re trying our best to carve out more moments for each other in the midst of chaos.

Just the two of us…




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Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Tuesday 15th of November 2016

Is it bad if I say these are my two favourite pics from this shoot? You guys are gorgeous and an inspiration to so many other couples! I love that you took this time together x

Sara Elizabeth

Saturday 12th of November 2016

I love these pictures of you guys! We don't have babies, but I've tried to schedule at least one photo session a year to capture the moments of our marriage... just like you said. Love that you took time for you and Matt, too.

Jessica | Being Bradfords

Friday 11th of November 2016

Beautiful pictures!!

Brandi Little

Thursday 10th of November 2016

You two look beautiful!!

Just Jess

Thursday 10th of November 2016

I love this and those photos are gorgeous! The perfect reminder that the marriage is the heart of the family. Jess at Just Jess