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Homemade Lunch Ideas

I am always looking for new homemade lunch ideas to eat during the week.

A while ago I asked y’all for your favorite quick and easy lunch ideas. I received so many awesome responses and wanted to round up the most popular ones in case you’re looking for new lunch ideas.

One of the most popular responses was LEFTOVERS! I usually eat leftovers whenever they are available, otherwise I try to whip up something suuuuuper easy.

Lunch Bowls

Various bowls were among the most popular recommendations — especially lots of taco varieties. I like to make bowls on Sunday or Monday and eat the leftovers throughout the week.

  • Burger bowl
  • Korean beef bowl
  • Burrito bowl
  • Ground turkey + black beans + salsa
  • Salmon + rice bowl
  • Greek

Chicken Salads

So many of you whip up different kinds of chicken salads throughout the week. In fact, last year I rounded up all your favorite recipes and tips in this Chicken Salad Recipes post. If you like chicken salad, I highly recommend checking out that post!

Breakfast for Lunch

This is actually my go-to most days. I love to make avocado toast, an egg sandwich or scrambled eggs. Here were the top breakfast recommendations:

  • Egg sandwiches
  • Hard boiled eggs + turkey bacon
  • Avocado toast w/ fried egg
  • Omelettes
  • Eggs & toast


Lots of you love bagged salads (me too!). And there were lots of recommendations for adding extra veggies, nuts, cheese, avocado, air fried chicken nuggets, grilled chicken and more. I also recommend checking out our favorite salads too!

Charcuterie/Snack Plates

Yes! Yes! And more YES! You cannot go wrong with snack plates for lunch! Here were some fun ideas submitted:

  • Make your own lunchable: deli meat + cheese + veggie slices + fruit + nuts
  • Yellow peppers w/ turkey & cheese
  • Apples + celery w/ peanut butter
  • Cheese sticks
  • Trail mix/Nuts


My go to sandwich is usually a stacked veggie sandwich, but I also really love a WRAP! My favorite lunch or easy dinner hack is to make a wrap using a bagged salad!

  • Blackened chicken (from Target) wrap
  • Falafel sandwich
  • Panini
  • Smoked salmon + avocado wrap w/ spinach & honey mustard
  • Grilled cheese w/ avocado
  • Tuna sandwich
  • Crunch wraps

Other Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas

A few more ideas…

  • Soup
  • Bento box
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Sheet pan roasted veggies + chicken sausage
  • Smoothies

Microwaveable Freezer Meals

These aren’t technically homemade, but I felt like I should include them since I do grab these a lot from the freezer during the week when I don’t have time to make something

One of my best finds have been these freezer meals for lunch that are grain-free, gluten-free, and packed with protein. I purchase the Power Bowls and Real Good meals from Walmart since that’s where we order our weekly groceries from, but Target carries a variety of Real Good and Power Bowls too. The tacos feel pretty heavy for lunch but they are delicious.

high protein foods

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