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Reader Favorites: Quarantine Amazon Finds

I polled y’all on Instagram to see what YOUR favorite quarantine Amazon finds have been and had so much fun reading all of your responses (and purchasing a few things along the way too)!! There were a LOT of items recommended and decided to round up the top items by category — although it was VERY clear that kids items and home gadgets were by far the most popular Amazon purchases during this time — especially water tables, milk frothers and cleaning gadgets!!! Hopefully you’ll find an item or two here that helps you get through the rest of quarantine!

*popular responses


  1. *Water Table (specific mentions for this pirate ship, this fishing table and this rain shower. And we previously owned and loved this waterpark table.)
  2. *Inflatable Pool (specific mentions for this pool, family lounge pool, rainbow pool for little kids, ginormous intex pool)
  3. *Bounce House (specific mentions for this bouncer with water slide, dolphin bouncer, and this one which is the same one we own too)
  4. Inflatable Water Slide
  5. Slip n’ Slide
  6. Tree Swing
  7. Gym1 Indoor Playground
  8. Bunch O Balloons
  9. Kids Picnic Table
  10. Micro Maxi Deluxe 3 Wheeled Scooter
  11. Sprinkler Splash Pad
  12. Water Beads
  13. Trampoline
  14. Crayola Scribble Scrubbies
  15. Kinetic Sand
  16. Climbing Dome
  17. Sandbox
  18. Huglepod Lite
  19. Popsicle Mold
  20. Matchbox Garbage Truck

Family Fun

  1. TV Projector
  2. Leakproof Backpack Cooler
  3. Popcorn Popper
  4. Inflatable Hot Tub
  5. Picnic Backpack
  6. Fire Pit
  7. Tie Dye Kit
  8. Ticket to Ride Board Game
  9. Blink Card Game
  10. Dice Flash Game
  11. Numbers Bingo

Health, Fashion & Beauty

  1. *Facial Steamer
  2. *Kids Melatonin
  3. *Gel Manicure Light Kit
  4. Fitbit (I have and love this one)
  5. Natural Deodorant
  6. Ouai Chill Pill Bath Bombs
  7. Nail Dipping Powder Kit
  8. Hot & Cold Gel Eye Masks
  9. Diamok Running Fanny Pack
  10. Daily Ritual Women’s Jersey Sleeveless Gathered Dress
  11. Sketchers Cleo Flats (Rothy’s dupe)
  12. Mineral Peel Spray Mask
  13. Leggings
  14. Luxury Bath Robe

Home Gadgets

  1. *Milk Frother (a lot of mentions for this brand too)
  2. *Air Fryer (a lot of mentions for Cosori brand too)
  3. *Dustbuster (one of our favorite gadgets ever)
  4. *Cordless Dyson
  5. *Spin Mop
  6. Rapid Egg Cooker
  7. Ecobee Thermostat
  8. Bissell Steam Mop
  9. Meat Mixer
  10. EleTab Stand-Up Desk
  11. Docking Station
  12. Dog Grooming Kit
  13. Bluelight Blockers
  14. Glass Food Storage Containers
  15. Bed In A Box

I know this is a ton of links, so to make it easier I’ve rounded up ALL of the items HERE so you can easily scroll through ALL the products.

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