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Weekend Rewind | August 2016

Another good weekend in the books! A few highlights…

Friday night it was pouring down rain when I arrived home. I was just about to begin the dinner time drill of heating up as many frozen items I could find for the minis when Matt called me and declared he was taking us out for pizza (and beer)! So yeah, the weekend was off to a solid start.

Another mom suit from CupShe — $20! But it goes on sale every other day for $13!

Saturday we didn’t have any plans so off to the pool we went to let the kiddos burn off some energy.

I am literally going to cry the day my minis outgrow hooded towels. We just received this whale and anchor hooded towel set and they are hands down the softest and most absorbent towels ever.

The rest of the day we ran our usual errands — grocery store, coffee shop, dry cleaner, Home Depot, took a walk, etc.

After the kiddos went to bed Matt and I retreated to the backyard for a date nite. We sipped vodka cherry lemonades, played Jenga (loser had to refill drinks!), grilled steaks and relaxed.

Sunday we made a trip to the mall. But first we put on a tad of makeup — Caroline’s idea, not mine. I swear Caroline is turning into a little mini-me more and more each day. She must apply chapstick anytime she catches me applying it, carries a purse anytime we leave the house, loves to “halp mommy cook” and more. But I digress!

We wandered around the mall long enough to pick up a few things for Matt including some new shoes, work pants and even convinced him to get some non dad jeans. I replenished my favorite moisture surge face cream, moisture surge night cream and Matt convinced me to get some new Steve Madden sunnies on super sale (which Caroline confiscated immediately). Oh, and we threw pennies into the fountain because we had to follow through on our “don’t be naughty and I’ll give you some pennies” threat/bribe so we could complete our shopping spree in record timing!

Sunday night we successfully tricked the kids into going to bed one hour early which rounds out the weekend as the finale highlight! And then we ate Brioche Shrimp Rolls for dinner and binged on Stranger Things.

And that is a wrap on the weekend.

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Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Wednesday 10th of August 2016

LOVE weekends like this - so special and quality time as a family!! you look gorgeous friend x

Lizzie Simantz

Monday 8th of August 2016

What a fun weekend!! I'm glad to hear you recommend swimsuits from CupShe, I've been wavering on ordering. Can I ask what size you wear? Thanks!


Tuesday 9th of August 2016

I love that bathing suit I am going to have to try it :)

Carolina Charm

Monday 8th of August 2016

I was definitely hesitant to order because the sizing kind of sucks (you can't order tops/bottoms in separate sizes). I ordered a small and it's a little tight in some places and a little loose in others...but not enough to prevent me from scooping it up at that price! :)

Laura Wyatt

Monday 8th of August 2016

AHHHH! We just finished Stranger Things! So creeeeepy!!!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld

Monday 8th of August 2016

Girl, that PIZZA! Holy moly that looks divine!


Monday 8th of August 2016

I'm amazed at how successful your shopping trip was!!! Lol I have just quit trying. I'm going to have to look into the moisture surge mask...I love the cream but haven't heard of the mask!