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21 Places to Grab a Deli Sandwich in Charlotte

Looking for a good deli sandwich in Charlotte? You’re in the right place!

Our kids love to grab a deli sandwich for lunch on the weekends.

We almost always end up at Publix because their subs are amazing and it’s convenient for me to grab a few grocery items at the same time. Our other go-to is Common Market. Matt and I work from CM fairly often so we eat their sandwiches (and salads) a lot.

But last weekend we were itching to take the kids somewhere else but were stumped on where to go. So I polled my Charlotte friends on Instagram and received 21 sandwich shop suggestions. However, the most popular recommendation by far was for Laurel Market. In fact, Laurel Market received 3 times the number votes than the second most popular sandwich shop!

So off to Laurel Market we went! It had been SO long since I’ve been to this delicious sandwich shop and had totally forgotten about this gem. Awhile ago, Matt’s office was located right across the street from the Market so he used to go a LOT.

Like many others, we opted for a car picnic with the kids and they thought it was the coolest idea ever. The sandwiches were all so good too.

And now we’ve got 20 other sandwich places to visit! I’ve rounded up all the responses below — in order of popularity in case you’re looking for a new deli sandwich shop in town!

Laurel Market #8: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Mayo

21 Places to Grab a Deli Sandwich in Charlotte

  1. Laurel Market
  2. Sandwich Max
  3. Common Market at Oakwold
  4. Jersey Mikes
  5. Rhino Market
  6. Reid’s
  7. Rusty’s
  8. Phil’s Deli at Strawberry Hill
  9. Grouchos
  10. The Loyalist Market
  11. Sunflour
  12. Noda Bodega
  13. Deli Street
  14. Pasta & Provisions — Park Road
  15. Jimmy John’s
  16. Sub Station
  17. Amelie’s
  18. Penn Station
  19. Poppy’s Bagels
  20. 7th Street Market
  21. Dorian’s Deli

Thank you to everyone who recommended a sandwich shop! We are working our way down this list!

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