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Amazon Back to School Favorites

I always get so excited to round up back to school items! There is something so fun about kicking off a new school year with fresh new supplies! Here are some of our favorites (many of the same favorites from last year, as well as some new ones we’ve discovered since then)!
  1. Bentgo Box: This is the lunchbox we use every single day for the kids. It was the #1 reader recommended lunchbox back when Caroline first started elementary school. I love how it contains 5 compartments, is leak-proof, durable and easy to clean!
  2. Sandwich Sealer & Decruster: We use this little gadget multiple days a week for homemade uncrustable sandwiches! I’m actually considering grabbing this Bento lunchbox set too because all the shapes are so fun!
  3. Slim Ice Packs: These slim ice packs are perfect for lunch boxes because they aren’t bulky or take up too much room.
  4. Stasher Bags: This variety set of reusable food storage bags come in a pack of 10 (includes 2 Reusable Gallon Bags + 4 Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bags + 4 Food Grade Kids Snack Bags).
  5. Kids Yeti Rambler with Straw: You cannot go wrong with Yeti, am I right? This stainless steel Yeti Rambler Jr. is dishwasher safe, can withstand dents and drops and is BPA-Free. It comes in 6 colors too.
  6. Label Maker: One of my pandemic purchases (when I was motivated to label everything in my house) that keeps on giving! We LOVE this little machine for labeling all the kids things.
  7. Kindergarten, Here I Come!: We received this book from our preschool teacher and it is perfect for little ones going off to Kindergarten.
  8. Alphabet Pajamas: Are these not the cutest little pajamas to celebrate going back to school?
  9. Girls New Balance Sneakers: These are our favorite pair of sneakers we have purchased again and again and again for both kids as they grow. They are super durable, cute and come in a million colors.
  10. Flutter Sleeved Dress: I love this dress for the first day (or any day) of school!
  11. Apple Dress: Another cute dress option! We actually have a lot of dresses from this brand for Caroline. The quality is excellent and there are so many cute prints that we’ve purchased year after year.
  12. Back To School Print Dress: One more cute dress! This style is similar to #10 but slightly different print.
  13. Boys New Balance Sneakers: Same shoes as #9! We just scooped up the black and red pair for the Kindergarten for Thomas. He’s already seen them and is begging to wear them but we’re making him wait until the first day of school!
  14. Headphones: These are our favorite headphones for both kids. We got Caroline two pairs last year for virtual learning and they are absolutely terrific. They are adjustable, fold up easily, sound great and come in 7 colors.
  15. Fidget Toy Keychains: Caroline is obsessed with these little fidget toys right now (she traded these all summer at camp with her friends). We got her a few mini push pop keychains for her backpack so she can play with them on the bus.
  16. Felt Letter Board: Couldn’t make this list and not include the first day of school letter board!
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