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Coffee with Christina (March 2024)

I thought I would do something a little different for our coffee date this month! Instead of answering a some random questions, I want to share a few reminders! You already know all of these things, but just in case you need a friend to remind you…

Pull The Meat Out of Your Freezer

Several times over the past few weeks I have found myself making breakfast for dinner after realizing I forgot to thaw my meat overnight! So just a reminder, if you’re planning to cook with meat from the freezer this week…pull it out right now!

And once it’s thawed, you may want to check out my Favorite Marinade Recipes.

It May Be Time To Clean Your Appliances & Change Your Filters

Just a reminder to clean the coffee pot, dishwasher (including the filter!), garbage disposal and any other small appliance if you haven’t in awhile! And while you’re at it, it may be time to change your fridge water filter and your air filters too.

If you’re reading this at work, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do it later.

One of my favorite tricks to make myself actually tackle this chore is to purchase the cleaner or filter and then when it arrives I leave it on my counter top until I find time to do it. I hate a cluttered counter so this usually motivates me!

My Favorite Cleaners: Dishwasher / Garbage Disposal / Coffee Maker

Deep Clean Your Towels

There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower to a towel that smells like it sat a little too long in the washer machine! If you’re not excited about your bath towel…it may be time to give it a deep clean. Highly recommend my favorite Easy Laundry Stripping Hack.


Plan A Date Night

Just a reminder to schedule a date night — especially those of you who are in the trenches. Oftentimes Matt and I find ourselves like two ships sailing in the night during the week and planning a date night definitely helps us reconnect. So this is your reminder to schedule that bambino sitter (this is the app we use and that referral link gets you $10 off), plan a date night (or a weekend getaway!), and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine together.

If you’re local and can’t decide where to go on your date night, I’ve rounded up 20 Charlotte Restaurants for Date Night, as well as my favorite Charlotte NC Date Ideas!

20 Restaurants for Date Night

Schedule Your Annual Skin Check and Mammogram Appointments

Two appointments that are easy to put off, right? Take 10 minutes sometime TODAY to call and make these appointments. Both are super important.

Look for Glimmers

Glimmers are the opposite of “triggers” and are the recognition of small things that bring you joy or micro-moments that calm your nervous system and give you a sense of peace and happiness.

A glimmer can be any small thing that makes you feel good inside, kind of like a hug. Some of my glimmers include blooming flowers, a pretty sky, the way the light hits our bedroom in the morning, our crown molding, watching the kids play outside from my kitchen window, painted nails, watching my herbs grow, the first few sips of a sparkle water, my kids’ tan lines, a spritz of my favorite perfume, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac songs, etc.

The more intentional you are at looking for glimmers around you, the easier you will begin to find them!

Schedule a Snooze Day

Springtime tends to get wildly busy between holidays, school breaks, yard work, sports, and activities. This is your reminder to look for that hole in your calendar (even if it’s just a morning or afternoon) and block it off for rest! And then truly rest or do something that makes you feel rested!

I hope I shared a reminder that resonated with you!!! You can find all my previous Coffee Talk Posts HERE!

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Wednesday 20th of March 2024

Hi Caroline! The laundry detergent comes in several scents. Which do you recommend? Thanks!


Thursday 21st of March 2024

The Diva scent!!!! Sooo good!!!


Tuesday 19th of March 2024

These are my absolute favorite type of posts! And love this format!! You are quickly becoming my favorite blog - thank you!