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The Snooze Day

Last weekend on Instagram I shared our “Snooze Day.” While I’m still working on replying to the messages and questions I received, here are some answers to a handful of the common questions asked!

What is a Snooze Day & How does it work?

OK, so in our home, a Snooze Day is just our version of a lazy day. On these days, we don’t have any plans scheduled to leave the house, we usually stay in pajamas or wear lounge clothes, and each person relaxes however they want.

Usually, each family member will claim a remote and binge Netflix — alone. It’s glorious. And it’s the only time there are no squabbles over what to watch or how to share a blanket. Our kids love each other dearly, but they also sometimes just need a break from each other too.

While the remote is definitely the most popular relaxation method, sometimes a Snooze Day means Caroline wants to bake something or Thomas wants to play Nintendo all day. And we let them. Because sometimes you just need to decompress and “empty your cup” as my MIL always says.

Snooze Day baking
How often are snooze days?

Very popular question. These honestly happen as often as we feel our family needs them. Sometimes we pre-schedule a day in advance if we’ve got a lot going on and some days we decide last minute if we think one is needed.

If we’re in a busy month with many weekends out of town or are overscheduled with activities, we will block the calendar a few weeks in advance for a Snooze Day.

Or if it’s been an extra exhausting week and we notice the kids are really dragging, we’ll move some things around to accommodate a Snooze Day last minute. And if we don’t have a full day available for one reason or another, we also love a “Snooze Morning,” and will pull ourselves together for whatever afternoon plans we have after lunch.

In addition to us being pretty busy, our kids have a late bell schedule which leaves little time during the school week for them to cool their engines.

Snooze Day screen time
what age(s) does this work best for?

This is totally up to YOU! While we more recently coined the phrase “Snooze Day,” we’ve been doing this for several years now. I’d say, if your kid(s) are at an age where you can leave them in a room alone to watch TV or play on their tablet, or craft, or whatever they enjoy doing indoors, go for it!

Snooze Day netflix

NEW! I recently launched a line of cozy Snooze Day merchandise! You can find the best sweatshirts and my favorite products for a relaxing day HERE!

Snooze Day coffee and sweatshirt

Here’s to hoping you all have lots of relaxing Snooze Days ahead!

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Wednesday 24th of August 2022

What an effective way to model the importance of rest. My husband and I are ‘weekend warrior’ home project motivated. The only time we sit down is after the kids are asleep, which isn’t great. I’m going to schedule some of these this fall.